So, with the PSN outage


What are you guys gonna do so we don’t lose our daily bonus for logging in? The PSN page is now saying it will last until the 7th until 7am GMT. Can’t even play the game, it’s just a black screen. Just wanted to know what you guys were gonna do about it. Thanks!


I’ve put this into the Support category - and @505GamesSupport will need to pick this up.

Might be worth raising on the 505 website directly, as the guys that run this forum don’t directly support the console versions…


Ok, will do, thanks! Should I505 Games twitter post it on here too?


Our hope is that the date range is just a placeholder and that they get it addressed long before that. :slightly_smiling:

However, this is a good point! I’ll ask our dev team and see. There might be a way for them to flag a global daily login if the outage does last that long.


Haha, I think we all hope it’s just a placeholder! Thanks for the response!


You’re welcome, and Happy New Year!