Blocking people in global chat

I apologize in advance if there is a previous thread about this. I recently blocked someone on XBOX, but said person can still see what I say (via other people messaging me saying said person is responding to my posts in global.) I was just wondering if we could go back to where blocking somebody made it so neither party could see what the other typed? That would be great considering me joking around with friends in global constitutes a ban for insults, even though we’ve been friends in real life for years.


Blocking should work both ways, like it used to.


I agree with you , it should block both ways .

It never blocked both ways, that’s why on xbox we all see peppermint patty trying to recruit for sparklystone killers even though she has almost everyone blocked.

Names changed to protect the ‘innocent’

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I think it might be glitching for some users?
I know on PS4 some people have me blocked, and when others are talking to them in Chat I can’t see what their saying?