Block button in chat please

Can we please have a “block user” button in chat so I don’t have to scroll thru fake tea parties and orgies while trying to recruit


Over due having viewed arduous lengthy debates over which character has the most well endowed pixels…yeah over due…


I would also like to be able to block the someone just ascended something to mythic.


There has been a block button for months on the PS4.


If you’re seeing something truly inappropriate (and not just immature or annoying), please report it to the devs with screenshots so that chat bans can be issued and the whole community can be spared.


We see both in there. I sure wouldn’t want a child in there that’s for sure. As my hubby put it last night. They were being lewd and condescending.

Then take pictures and send them to Saltypatra. Chat should be fun for everyone, or at least not a hostile environment for anyone.


What category would all the “animal” role playing be ?

My husband has said the same thing many times lol. .everything we go in to recruit we tall about the “furry” orgy going on.

There is a block button on the Xbox.

You just press X on a persons chat to bring up their profile and block is in the top right corner.

I’m assuming it’s also there on pc/mobile…

Mobile doesn’t have that feature…yet anyway

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pc/mobile doesnt have it, thats why the feature request

I would like to block the SLAYAH person always in chat doing the spamming

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PC is getting the console chat block “VERY VERY soon”, Mobile is right after that so just “soon”. But its on the way to all platforms.

Yeah, thankfully I can block pj pajama party.

Ps4 chat this afternoon was horrendous.