Black manacles still not working

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Worked 3 times in the last 94 casts. I’ll stop posting it when someone gets off their asses and fixes it. Still working at less than 8% over the past 4 weeks.

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Let me see, in a pvp fight AI eaten 2 of my troop in a row, from my pow it work even too well.

Sure we can make that work also for us like that so at same time we get a new unwinnable def for GW seen ai then gonna eat TWO troops at once each cast.

I know the feeling, but my megavores kill at 30% rate on 4-5 skull matches. I have seen gemdrop changes too, makes too many “magic matches” all of a sudden. Like three days ago. Seems like two programmers fighting the others “perfect code”. I wouldn’t mind dropping the pretense of random. doesn’t exist anyway. Chaos…

@aartemis please fill out the bug report form you posted so I can know what the issue is.

Black Manacles appears to be working so if it’s not you’ll need to actually tell me what’s wrong.

As far as I can figure, the odds of this happening are low, but not shockingly low.