Gem masteries not working

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Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 8, PC, Steam
Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting gem masteries to work at their proper percentage, however they were working at around 25% instead of 60 to 65%. No enenmies with halve gem materies.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It happens regularly in all game modes, but it has been getting worse. Tower of doom and new faction quest have been particularly bad.

Steps to make it happen again
Play any game mode. Very frustrating when AI has no trouble powering up and it takes many turns to get anything of mine ready.

If you’re saying that you get mana surges less often than you think you should be, then you’re gonna need to provide something to back that up. Exactly how many matches did you make, exactly how many mana surges did you get from those matches, and which enemies were you fighting against?

This game isn’t woth the time it would take to gather all the information, but if they are only working aroung 25% when they are supposed to be working at 60 to 65%, then something is wrong since none of the opponents had halve enemy gem masteries.

Mana surges never happen on 4-matches by design. Is that affecting your observations?

Wait, is that how it works? I thought that used to be the case (chance of surge on 3-match, no surge on 4-match but extra turn, and both surge and extra turn on 5+ match). But I remember the devs changing it “to be the same as the console experience”. Was it changed again later? I recall quite a few PC/mobile players were irritated by the new mechanic.

@OP: an astonishing number of bug reports are people not understanding the mechanics (it’s happened to me before). Without describing your experience in more detail—such as providing the numbers requested in the first reply—you make it impossible to distinguish whether the problem is with the game or the user.

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It was changed to match console, and then after a large outcry regarding the volatility of matches as a result, the devs changed it back (for all platforms) in 3.1.5.

At this point, all platforms (Console included) follow the old PC/Mobile behavior. 4-matches never surge, 5-matches always do.


Hey @aartemis, we recently updated our article on mana surge here as well if this helps:

Let us know if the issue is not mana surges occurring on 4 gem matches.

Hum, i smell your post wont last long, a bit to much swearing hehe.

About masteries the place where i found them really “fun” was arena, lvl 300 opponents getting at least x2 mana surge than me lvl 1200+ with 63% chance for all, ofc seen i was using DB/doom didnt made much difference for the poor helpless AI’s ;p

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Mmm…ok, let’s play along: what exactly are your Masteries at, which troops were you using, and which enemies were you fighting against?

well, actually the same happened to me too if for that:


And nope, no halve mastery on enemy side and my surge chance is supposed to be 63%.

So i too actually think that’s one of the many things (maybe needed maybe not) that advantage the ai despite all the shiny numbers we can see as for example, delve free skull hit each turn for the ai, nm what you move or where:

Despite titan and his barrier and managed to cast Pride 4 times couldnt keep hero alive, every turn ai was getting a free skull from the sky(even if number of skulls on map for a change isnt so high).

But bursting out like he did bring you nothing but a deleted post (once i got one delepted cuz dare define this 200% strategy only game a “slot machine” lol).