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Better Bonuses So Guilds Are Optional

So I was refraining from joining a guild until I was able to do GoW content on my YT channel, but two of my Tasks were guild-related, so I jumped aboard what seemed like a bigger guild and checked it out. My new task was to donate 5K to that guild. Now I could have used that to grow my kingdoms, the highest level I have being 5, but I donated the gold even though I felt iffy about it. I think I got 20 Glory from my Task, enough for a chest, but I was saving it for the Skeleros event.

So I checked into GoW yesterday and the Guild icon was flashing, so I checked and I noticed that the guild task I donated to has met it’s goal. I originally thought ‘Oh, well that’s cool I suppose, but I’m just going to ditch this guild now that I completed my tasks.’

Low and behold, that completed task gave me 10 Glory Keys. I didn’t get anything good out of them, but now I see why I always get asked ‘What guild are you in?’

Being in a guild is WAY too much of a necessity: If you grind outside of a guild, your chances of getting good cards is so low it hurts my soul, BUT in a guild you get diamonds and keys for just a chunk of gold…and you get tons of gold per day anyway.

But if you don’t want a guild or are waiting to make one or waiting to get into a certain one, grinding doesn’t even remotely give the same result! I could grind for hours to get maybe 3 Glory Keys, but why would I do that when I’m more likely to get 3 Gold Keys, and I could just join a guild and throw gold at it occasionally and be given 10 Glory Keys?

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If you truly want to progress in this game, guilds are 100% mandatory. If they have a minimum requirement that you can meet even better.

I get 50-100 glory keys a DAY because my guild has a minimum 100k donation/week requirement. We also ONLY donate to Keys and Gems, we ignore soul and map donations.

Unfortunately I believe increasing out-of-guild bonuses would throw the entire gems economy out of whack.
Though I must admit, I would REALLY like trait stones to be more easily accessible, but that is just a dream

I feel like you could just increase the number of ways and the odds of getting Glory and Glory Keys by a decent amount, and increase the number of ways and the odds of getting Gems and Gem Keys by just a smidge.

That’s great and all, but I hate the idea of donating and fighting in the name of a Guild I’m just going to leave once I’m able to consistently record content. I think that applies to more people than one might think: they probably just want to have a guild that is friends only, or maybe their own guild where it’s just them and their channel followers/subscribers or whatnot.

Yeah, guilds make a huge difference. I guess this is one more reason to be grateful for @Tacet’s videos because when I first started playing I was like, “Guild? What for?” and I didn’t join one until I was level 50+, something like that, at which point I was like… Oooohhhhhhhhh, that’s why. For the loot.

And nobody who watches Tacet’s videos can miss out on the potentially loot-tacular benefits of a guild.

I dunno, man. It’s tough to go it alone in Krystara. But that’s life. Generally a lot tougher to solo. Games can be so real sometimes.

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Why oh WHY would you EVER leave a guild. If anything you should try getting into higher ranked guilds for better rewards.

Just saw your edit:
The thing is, guilds hardly impact normal play at all. They provide passive rewards that you get regardless on if you are donating or not. Granted, if you get in a really good guild donating will be a requirement, but ALL will benefit from it. Guilds don’t function in this game like they would in MMO’s or real online games.

The devs are almost doing the opposite of this in 2.1 and 2.2. The next couple patches are going to be EXPANDING guild features. Things like Guild vs Guild, more benefits for tokens, maybe even new tasks such as traitstones, etc.


Yeah, most guilds don’t seem to have a huge expectation of loyalty. That probably changes at the upper levels, but if you’re looking for a guild of anti-socials who don’t care about one another at all, it is out there.

Wish I knew for sure if the guild I’m in is good. I think it has like 30 or more members? Some weird name too.

Anyway, regardless, once I start making consistent content and have a team that can hit ranked and actually be consistently good, I’ll be making my own guild.

It’s in everyone’s best interests if Guilds are encouraged. In any online game it’s probably the single biggest part of long-term retention. That means keeping players playing and a healthy game with full servers.

Which platform do you play on, and how many Tokens would you say your Guild makes daily?

Personally one of the best part of any on-line game are guilds/clans. I’m all for the cooperative stuff and some years back i’ve started playing a game where i was able to go solo most parts of the game, but choosed to join a guild, helping my guildmates with anything like dungeons, explaining aspects of the game. In that game (Wartune/Legend Online) i’ve formed some alliances and created some politics for some guilds on that server, even stopped a war, against our guild, with diplomacy. (Brute force summoned by diplomatic influence still counts.) Some glorious/fun days in the past…

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PS4, and I’m not sure, but it’s Level 19 and was like somewhere in the 1000 ranking.

All I know is that I need 210 glory in 3 days, DX

Guild doesn’t help with glory outside of the donate 5000 to a guild task which gives 25.

Your best and easiest bet is Treasure Maps while task 3 says Use 4 Treasure Maps. You’ll gain some glory from the maps and 100 glory for completing the task. Have that pop up twice and you’re set.

Even without the Task, 15-20 Maps should net you the Glory you require @ForsakenM

And no, your Guild isn’t good. Well, how long have you been in it?

I’ve been grinding hard with my new Tyri team:


May not be the best, but it works pretty well with what I’ve got.

Only a couple days ago, like literally two. Would there be one you would recommend?

Top Guilds usually require high-level players with Contribution minimums. My Guild for example, requires 100 Trophies and 100,000 Gold a week.

I can meet those however i would prefer my guild mates join instead…Have you met ted?

Guilds may be mandatory, but I prefer to play with people I know in RL.

Who in the blue hell is Ted?

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That’s a lot of :moneybag:.

Seriously though, for an almost Level 50 player, what should I strive for in a guild?