Best use for gems after getting armor?

I’m about 20 gems away from getting Dragon armor (so excited thinking about all the extra gold)–but after I buy the top armor in the game, what should I do? Is it foolish to assume that the rest of future gems go towards gem keys?

Then you want to save up for celestial armor so you can get double souls…

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Maybe. :wink: Yes, obviously you’ll want that eventually, but would I make it my very next priority after getting Dragon Armor? Probably not; Dragon Armor already boosts your souls, just not by as much, and you can’t wear both anyway.

IMO, the thing to do is pick either Dragon or Celestial Armor based on which resource you need most, then start using gems for something else. In my case, I’m saving them for event keys so when the weekly event finally hits one of the kingdoms where I’m missing the legendary, I have good odds of getting it. If you’ve already got all the legendaries, gem keys are always good to get Runic traitstones, other rare troops for ascension purposes, and whatnot. Or you could straight up buy tons of souls from the shop.

Kind of a judgment call when you should start working toward that second set of armor, though. It all depends on your own priorities.

You can get Runic from gem keys?
Awesome, that’s what I’m missing most…Plenty of celestials but no runic stones to get up to the point where I can use my celestials

I would just trade in for Gold to level up your kingdoms for the extra stat boosts. More reliable gains as opposed to random pulls hoping for the slim chance of getting the runic stones you actually need.

Agree with @ctu1208 → once you have dragon armour, use gems on gold to open all kingdoms & level to 10 (in the kingdom order of magic, attack, health, armour).

Then it’s worth putting all gold toward Guild Tasks (assuming you’re in a decent guild), and saving Gems for Celestial Armour and/or for 450 bundles of Gem Keys.

Note: Celestial Armour’s big bang used to be for the Arena rewards, but now that the soul reward from Arena has been halved, I’m not sure it’s worth it. If I were starting again, I’d probably forego the Celestial Armour and focus on building a strong PvP team which includes Valkyrie. You can still get 70 souls per battle with Dragon Armour on Difficulty Level ‘Hard’ (as well as the glory & gold & trophies).

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Yup. Runic is the equivalent of Ultra-Rare in the traitstone category, and gem keys always give ultra rare or better, so you’re guaranteed that if you get a traitstone, it’ll be at least runic level, maybe Arcane or Celestial if you’re lucky.

There is something to be said, though, for buying lots of gold to level kingdoms. It really all depends on your priorities.