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Best Epic (and lower-rarity) Troops

If they wanted to make it memorable/good… they’d swap the Create 6 Blue Gems boosted by… and make it the blue gem creating version of Shaman of Set: " Choose a Color. Create Blue Gems equal to the number of Gems of that Color.", keep the damage to first and last, and make the mana cost 13 or 14

That would be an improvement, for sure, but would you use it even then? I’d think the damage would have to be pretty good to justify relying on random gem creation.

Honestly, I do like Shaman of Set. It has a way of sneaking in a big cast. So yeah, a blue version would be pretty useful.

A good gem creating generator that can do damage and have a solid damage reduction would definitely be a solid addition to the game.

Interesting. I’m a bit surprised you’ve had success with Shaman.

It’s also kind of surprising, but there isn’t a single-color gem-creating Legendary that does damage in the game yet. Agreed that we could use one.

I do think the buffed version of the new legendary, with the 2x boost per blue gem, combined with the Shaman of Set gem creation, would be pretty good.


Ah, right. I legit forgot Webspinner does damage with its spell.

Yeah I mean no one USES the spell, pretty easy to forget :wink:

Back to what we were discussing earlier, I’m backing off on Rover-300 and War Wolf being added to the list. Too much work to make them useful, for not enough payoff. Turtle Cannon being an outstanding front slot troop makes him a special case, where he benefits the team independently of his gem creation.

I’ll also add Shaman of Set, who I’ll now have to mess around with a bit more.

Shaman is a faction troop

I added faction lower-rarity troops here by popular demand.

I could use some feedback on that point though - what’s the most effective way for people to see the newest lists? A string of links, as I’ve been doing, or should I just update the first post?

Raksha Free-blood can replace egg-thief in certain delves.
Templar is a very nice converter with Rowenna.

Truth to be told there’s a long list serviceable converters (Spell paw etc.) if color blocked.

Further, you put Valkyrie with the gem converters and Acolyte with the soul farmers. That seems a bit arbitrary (though understandable), perhaps put them at both sections?

Thrall and Bogstrider should both be on the common list

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