Which troops are the most valuable in your opinion?

I’m not talking about best or strongest… I’m talking the most valuable.

What I’m defining valuable to be is that they bring the most impact to the game in terms of what they enable you to be able to do or the types of team compositions you can craft.

Curious what people think.

My top 10 list is (in reverse priority order)

  • Divine Ishbaala
  • Leprechaun
  • Webspinner
  • Yao Guai
  • Glaycion
  • Obsidius
  • High King Irongut
  • Infernus
  • Empower Converters (in general)
  • The Possessed King

…I made a video explaining my reasoning that you can find here if you’re interested:

In before “where’s Pharos-Ra?!”

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I think Megavore should make the list.

Great in any scaling event, with damage output sometimes far exceeding 1000+ points in a single cast of a spell.

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Dragon Soul is just about everybody’s mid game MVP especially, didn’t devs say something like it was the single most used troop in the whole game when they changed the trait? Seems to meet criteria of “valuable”


Megavore is definitely a strong contender for list placement, I think. What held me back from adding him was that he doesn’t have loop potential, but you’re absolutely right that in terms of spell effects and passive trait, he’s a literal monster of a troop.

I’d throw him in an honorable mention category personally, but wouldn’t disagree with anyone else putting him in their Top 10.

I like the recommendation of TDS a lot actually. In terms of just decent damage, mana generation, loop potential and soul gaining, he’s a really high value troop to have. If you can get him early, you’ll have a massive leg up on the soul-farming game.

If I’d read this comment ahead of making the video I very well could see me putting TDS ahead of Ishbaala for these reasons.

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Megavore, Ketras the Bull, Gorgotha… I think you need to make top-10 lists for each role, because Glaycion or Infernus need decent supporters to show themselves fully.

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How can you have Glaycion without his buddy king Bloodhammet :thinking:

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As casual PvP is basically all I do in the game now I only really have 3

Fire Bomb
Forest Guardian

Sunbird and Fire Bomb is valuable to everyone. Best explore team in the game.

But… the video isn’t about Fast Explore but the overall most valuable Troops in the game.

Those troops enable me to be able to do explore and casual PvP really quickly so in my opinion they are valuable. Explore is a really important part of the game.

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It’s only one part of the game.
I don’t see how a Troop that’s only valuable in one or two parts of the game should be even worth mentioning.
But OK - that’s your opinion so… I have a different. Easy like that.

Emperor Korvash is still listed as my most Favoured Troop, because during the midgame a year or so ago, before I started getting some good Mythics, he was by far the best troop for damaging/ stunning enemies and draining their Mana.

High King Irongut is only really used for high level delves but is still on there.

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I think I’ve got to back up @Maxx here:

Sunbird can help a low-level account battle well outside its weight class with the right support (it doesn’t even have to be firebomb), and the battles are fast

The same is true for a troop like Rowanne (who is still phenomenal in scaling events like high-level delves, and is a lot less hard to get than High King Irongut)

What’s important to note is that this utility is retained in each case until an account no longer needs souls or traitstones because the sheer speed of explore is the best way to gather Arcanes (as farming enough glory to buy the stones you need isn’t as easy and the rotation’s unpredictable). At this point, for a F2P player, that’s probably well over a year’s worth of value.

And it’s value that then gets rolled into making other cards more valuable, through leveling and traiting.

But that’s why we need categories for Top 10s — there are just too many facets to consider for just one XD

Off the top of my head there could be a Top 10 for:

  1. Strongest
  2. Best Support
  3. Fastest
  4. Most Useful Traits
  5. Serves a Niche better than any other
  6. Early-Game MVP
  7. Mid-Game MVP
  8. End-Game must-haves (and why)

I’m level 936 and have yet to pull a Mythic, and I am missing almost, if not all, of the great Ledendary troops. :pensive:

My MVP is Divinia. I don’t know how sad that is.

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Most valuable/useful, no particular order

  1. Sunbird
  2. Fire Bomb
  3. High King Irongut
  4. Harpy Mage
  5. Apothecary (more of a lack of a second Gem to Brown converter)
  6. Zuul’Goth
  7. (Many hero weapons)

Most other troops can be amazing too, but can be power creeped out at any point that they wanted to. (Even the ones on this list aren’t immune to power creep).

I.E. Leprechaun, Queen Mab, Egg Thief, Infernus, Ketras the Bull, TINA 9000, Moon Rabbit, The Possessed King, etc. etc. If you have troops like these, great! If not, I’m sure something else works.

My top 10 would be (in order):

Egg thief
Moon rabbit/Gimlet Stormbrew/other empowered converters.
Divine Ishbaala
Pharos Ra
Hyndla Frostcrown
Chief Strongholm

Which is why these valuable topics fail, they never say valuable to whom, newb or end gamer; or when, guild wars, delves, pvp farming.

Dragon soul I don’t use anymore, end gamer and full of souls. But as a newb troop the bonus of an easy 4 dragon team and soul gain to level troops would make it tops for me.

Pharos Ra is the same. If you don’t have a million souls banked, maybe he should be your first, second, and third mythic.

Iron Gut, really shines as a top troop in high level delves. Not as much otherwise.