Being nagged to stop gaming

There is always someone in my family and extended family that just has to make a comment on how much I play games as if the few precious hours I take out for myself is too much. I just ignore them most of the time since some non-gamers just don’t relate to the benefits of gaming.

But there is one family member in particular that literally will jump on me for doing so! His name is Monkey, he is a miniature poodle who will start jumping on me and trying to get in my lap while I am playing a game until I get off the computer and spend some time playing with him, even if I just spent 45 minutes with him in the back yard. It’s just funny to see that even my dog tries to interfere with my game time, lol.

Anyone else getting pestered to get off their game by some critter gnawing at their feet or jumping up at them?

This is Monkey, looks innocent enough, but is not nearly as calm as he appears in this picture:

This is what he really is like; practicing his ninja moves on my sister’s dog:


Very cute. :3

This is Rachel. She likes to get between me and the tablet, computer or phone, whichever I’m playing on.


I know how you feel. I get the same kind of treatment from this lil’ guy:

Don’t be fooled by all that soft, inviting fluff: Stick your hand anywhere near that tummy and you’re pulling back a bloody stump.

Hopefully this answers any questions about where my avatar comes from.


I know how you feel, temmie143. I have 3 (female) cats, and every day as i play at least one of them wants, erm thinks it NEEDS my attention. And even more when they are in heat. (I keep my cats in home, so zero chance on getting an unwanted litter. :wink:)
Unfortunatelly i don’t have any pictures of them at the moment to share here.

Luckily for me, my cornsnake does not like to cuddle and prefers his own cage. :slight_smile:

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I’m glad that you made this thread @temmie143.
For the past month I have had some very friendly visitors that come to my house daily. I will look outside while playing GOW and almost without fail they are waiting on me to feed them. They have grown so used to me and my dogs they now just strut around like we weren’t even there :slight_smile:


I have 4 beasties myself. 2 cats and 2 dogs. All of them like to come up and try to get my attention at various times while I’m on my pc/tablet/phone whatever. Usually separate but sometimes rotating out like there’s a line at a buffet.

This is Gizmo.

Titan is the black dog and Gracie is the white one. The blur is Catarina



Oh my, brightcookie!..between Gizmo, Titan, Gracie and Catarina, they could all rotate and take shifts at annoying you until you get off the computer!, too funny, and all are so cute.

All the pics here have adorable pets, it’s a nice distraction at times. Other times, not so much since I have lost 2 games because of Monkey interrupting me in the middle of pvp and breaking my concentration. lol


And this is Rory the day we brought him home. He’s 10 months old now and thinks I should play ball with him instead of GoW.


have a cat named Mo’ trouble - he lays in front of my 2nd monitor… and sometimes on my keyboard :slight_smile:

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As others have stated, you are definitely not alone! :slight_smile: I have 3 of those lap dogs myself, and they don’t care if it’s games, a movie or just trying to get some rest, they don’t discriminate. … They are Kito, Khaleesi & Shelby. And unfortunately, they only think they’re lap dogs! They all lay on my lap/chest anytime I’m in the living room, and with both girls weighing 75lbs. and the male Kito being over 85+lbs., it can be quite cumbersome sometimes. … They are sisters and brother, but the eldest, Shelby, was from the litter before the two younger ones, so the same parents. They are Husky/Shepard mix. … But the little girl, Khaleesi, lays in my lap every night without fail. She feels it’s her right! :slight_smile:

Shelby with her siblings when they were little (8Weeks?)… Khaleesi has the blue eye, and kito has the floppy ears.

Kito & Shelby in this year’s snow… yep, he’s grown up some.

And all three last summer…

Kito and Khaleesi just turned 4, and Shelby will be 6 this coming August. … They are a lot of fun and have great personalities.


It’s very refreshing for me to see posts like these here on the forums. Animal lovers= Great folks in my eyes :slight_smile: :smile_cat:
PS- I have one more pic of a dear little friend of mine to show…

This little deer is about a year old now, it along with it’s sister/brother are always together and frequent my yard almost everyday. I have never seen another deer that has as much white as this one without being pure albino. I just knew that a hunter would have killed it by now but it must stay very close to my home, away from their view.


Unfortunately I don’t have any pets at the moment. But I do say hello to several animals in the area on my way to work.


I have 2 inside/outside cats and I think we’re up to 4 outside cats that have decided to adopt us. The 2 inside cats think my keyboard is their personal bed… but ONLY when I’m trying to play games or in some other way using the keyboard. They NEVER lay on it when it’s NOT in use.

I also have a Rooster and 3 Hens that beg for attention on a regular basis as well.

Gotta love them animals!


I know what you mean LightningStorm, Monkey never bothers my computer unless I’m using it too!..yep gotta love them animals for sure!


This is what I have to contend with when I play GoW on the couch. Just to be ultra annoying she puts her chin on the top edge of the iPad and bounces it up and down. She is called Daisy (because she was found abandoned in a daisy field when she was 3 months old )


No pictures but I have a tabby cat that will often plop down between my arms. head on one arm, a leg on the other. Makes it very hard to type, but can still play. He will roll over and let me rub his tummy, but will hiss if anyone else tries to.

When he thinks it is time for some canned food, he will sit up and get between me and the monitor. Luckily I have 2 and I move the window to whichever one he is not blocking. I often hug him when he tries to walk past until he tries to bite my nose to get away.

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This deceptively handsome beast is Oscar, the cat that permits us to live in his home…

He’s getting quite old now, and tends to walk on the iPad, and/or dribble on it, when I am trying to play GoW…


I have two masters, Thundercat and Jinja Ninja.
I don’t have any recent pics of either, so here’s a couple from about five years ago. (Yikes, how the time flies!)

I’d like you to know that Jinja Ninja is not hissing, he was in fact yawning. (In fact, I’ve never heard Ninja hiss in his life. Thundercat, on the other hand…)