I finally quit this game


I know nobodty cares, but after hundreds of hours spent on this game, I quit. The Devs really spit on my soul this time. I hope you run out of business you greedy b*stards.


Never good to hear someone is leaving the game… but for this to be anything other than your nasty venting of spleen, you could include some detail about why?


Call to all other people claiming their quitting: Please post it in here. We don’t need a couple dozen Dear Johns clogging up the forums.


I thought about it after reading the forums last night but I am not done yet. I am done spending real cash tho.


I’m 50/50 on the Dear John letters. I think they are a good measure for the mood of the playerbase and a great area for people to vent. OTOH I think people sometimes over-inflate their importance as a player… even me having made so many videos… I am just one person and my opinion is no more or less valid than anybody else’s, and the game will not miss me should I ever reach the point where I decide to leave for good.


the game has grown so vast lately, it now has at least 48k active player on pc/mobile. you are probably right, they could afford to lose a few players. probably the reason why they make such a bold update.


I’ve been watching this game become more frustrating and far less fun. I’m sure for every one of these posts about quitting we have at least another 2-3 dozen people quitting forever without posting because only a small percentage of the players use the forums.


I agree with you fundamentally, yes. My experience in online promotions makes me feel it is probably closer to 100 or more like 1000 to 1 ratio. For every 1 complaint there are 1000 who feel the same and say nothing. That said I’m talking about the underlying principle, not exact figures.


Negativity spreads far easier than positivity, and this is the age of social media. The tiny percentage of players who visit the forum can now represent a huge number of players. I’m expecting a backlash, and I can’t say I disagree with it.


I think this is called “recommendation marketing” and I know it works…dissatisfied manifestations spread quick and can damage a company irreparably


The number of players is meaningless statistic. What counts is the number of paying players.


Not entirely true. Non-paying players serve as word-of-mouth advertising as they invite their friends to play, some of whom might be monetizable, and contribute to social aspects of the game (like chat), encouraging new players to find a long-term foothold in the community, such as a guild or Discord group.


I’ve been monitoring the recent Steam reviews for GoW all morning, and so far the review score has dropped 4 points today (from 69% to 65%).

(Just click the GoW icon to go to the store page and check it out).


Sure thing but in the end what counts is the paying customers.


Yes, but the means to that end involves free players, so it’s not “meaningless,” as you claimed.


Sure, what counts is paying players, but word of mouth is powerful and loyal paying customers who are soured by these events will be the loudest vocalizers to their friends, family, and guild about the hazard of spending money in this game. That can have a major ripple effect, and in this case, I hope it does.

If I were a new player and saw all these people with hundreds and thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars invested in the game crying foul, I would be sincerely put off.

To any paying player who is upset about these changes: Stop paying. It doesn’t matter if something in the shop is a good deal or not. STOP PAYING. Vote with your money, because it’s the only language business understands.


No, it doesn’t. There is no real PVP so game would be ok if the paying customers kept paying. It’s not Hearthstone.

Edit: I think you got too hang up on the word “meaningless”. Of course F2P players can bring other players to the game and serve as preachers of it’s virtues but the bosses only care about the money so they’d prefer 1000 people bringing 2 millions a month to a million people bringing 1000. Hence number of players is “meaningless” if they are not paying. Just ask anyone at Zynga.


Would Coke be okay if it simply stopped advertising, then?

The player base, paying or not, are the resource this game has for advertising.


Yes it would because of brand recognition.


And yet, they dump tons of money into advertising, because while they have a brand, the collective memory is ephemeral and their competition cutthroat. And Gems of War has almost zero brand presence, so they’re much worse off.

But we’re debating semantics. I understand your point, although I disagree that the bottom line is all that matters.