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Public Service Announcement: Do NOT Play This Game in Real Life

Soooooo there I was, at Walmart, shopping for food on a nonexistent budget… But it’s ok, I had change left over from wishes I wanted to make, but eating sometime this month takes priority. I get to the counter and lay down food for a week on the conveyer belt… Two 24 count packages of Ramon Noodels, my total: $2.68, the cash on me in person…
$2.54… This is the conundrum I found myself in so I used that “special” brain of mine and figured out how to make up the difference…

#Please, Don’t Try This At Home

I took some yellow paint and poured it all over the tomatoes of the guy standing behind me, you see in GoW converting Red circles to yellow give me 12 gold + a 50% bonus, surely I can pay for my food now… The guy who was going to buy the tomatoes was however… Less then pleased… Ultimately I woke up in the hospital with a bill and a restraining order… The one upside of this…

#Damn this IV tastes good


Just a note saying the above passage is fictional and I am doing quite well


“Ramón Noodels” sounds like the name of some Nobel Prize Laureate.


This is when you know that your addiction has gone too far. Also was your story in reference to alchemist? Also how did you find a 24 pack for such a cheap cost?

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I couldn’t remember how much I paid for them (I did buy Ramon my 1st week here) and all I could remember is that it was dirt cheep


it’s like $1.86 right now and I’ve been up for 22 hours off of just 3 hours sleep so I plugged in the numbers

Yes @killerman3333, the troop in refrence, was indeed, Alchemist


10/10 characters

Poor life choices, @Cell. If you hadn’t wasted money on paint, you wouldn’t have had to go through all that :wink:


Whatever man, I have to feed my pet maw. Worms gotta eat!

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This makes cents to me, @Cell.

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