Been getting several "Error" messages of late while disenchanting troops

This is one strange instance and over the past several days I have been getting “Error, operation timed out” messages while disenchanting.

I’ve had this, from time to time, with guild contributions and buying chests.

I think, as you noted, that it is somehow latency related.

I’ve had that too. Not very often and afterwards when checking the disenchant is done.

Hey, Couple of questions:

Where are you playing from? (General Region/ Country is fine)
What platform/ Device are you seeing this occur?
Is it only happening when you disenchant? or has it happen at other times?


I am from the East Coast, USA. I play on a desktop thru steam. Most occurrences of the error messages seem to be while disenchanting, however a few times I have received the same messages with guild related things. Three days ago I had to close and re-launch the game three times to finish my disenchantments. It would just randomly freeze and then would give me the error messages. Then today I got the error message that I posted in my op.

Pennsylvania, USA.

Rare-ish bug for me.

If it helps any it now is giving me this message…

We’re investigate this for you.

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