Because what is worse than

…having new members quitting the guild because the devs set an unrealistic points needed to get all rewards in the Joruney event? (Perhaps other events as well.)

You mislead players to think the guilds sucks while that is far from the case.

Clean this up, please!


For real. Im in a mid-level guild and we would hit tier 10 pretty comfortably each week, earning the 3 celestial traitstones as a great bonus to our lower level players who dont participate so much. Now, we may be reaching tier 10-11 (or barely making it to 8 on ToD) and getting basically no rewards for it, with the celestial traitstones being moved to tier 13 (!!!) It really does feel absolutely awful to be in a guild where our goal is to help new players, when the way it is set up now, us higher level players are shooting ourselves in the foot, and not even benefiting the new players in any meaningful way.


Exactly. Not sure what to do.

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We are in the same boat. ToD and Journey have always been hard and people didn’t like it but now are just beyond frustrated. The restrictions are too much. And Raid Boss/invasion? We frequently finished those early and were lucky to clear lvl 12 last time. It punshes both lower and higher level players in a mixed guild format. I could go get all the rewards if it was a solo event, or I would have to go join a higher level guild if kept as a guild event. I can’t believe this was the overall intent. We’re playing all 7 days of the week, instead of just 3 on weekends, and we are not getting any additional rewards, and sometimes we are getting less. @Kafka please tell us you guys are talking about how to fix this. Reward level requirements were not reduced enough.


It looks to me that we are in the minority @Elfin @Schaafy. If other was in the same boat as us this topic would had exploded.

You’re not alone.


On the other end of the spectrum, our guild regularly unlocked all tiers of weekly events. Seeing how drastically higher these new event reward tiers were at the beginning of the week many poured extra gems into them to keep on pace to complete all reward tiers by weeks end… only to have the reward thresholds drop drastically midweek, so many guild members spent a lot of extra gems that they didn’t need to. I understand the change benefitted many other guilds, which I’m happy with, but the lack of planning and communication really impacted a lot of members of my guild.


I don’t think we’re alone. I just think many guilds don’t read the forums and don’t know how to give feedback. The silent majority.


They should have kept the first 12 tiers the same, score-wise, and just made 13-16 carry all the new score tbh, for guilds that WERE completing it, it would be new content, and for guilds that WERENT, you wouldnt feel like things were being taken from you


Which would be fine in a world where there wasn’t an “event captain” available to double one’s score and therefore allow completion of event tiers with less effort / fewer games played. But it changes the dynamics of the weekly event and the game’s economy if guilds could complete those first 12 tiers in half the time / games.

My opinion is thus: If the “old system” permitted (nearly) full guilds with (nearly) complete participation to finish an event with a Tier II buy-in, the “new system” ought to permit the same for Tiers 1-12. Thus allowing guilds to decide if they’d keep their member requirements the same for equivalent rewards, or to increase those requirements for completion of Tiers 13-16.

To me, it’s not unreasonable to expect extra cost / effort in return for increased rewards.


In any guild i have ever been in there have always been a few people that will buy more than necessary in any event because they want to help close the rewards or because they enjoy that particular event, whether that be a specific restriction on the former world events or because killing towers is fun (invasion) or because they want to be on the leaderboard for once. I have never been in a guild with 30/30 people doing the required buy in, even if it was 0 Tiers (free sigils, including ravens), unless it was required.

World events have certain targets that are worth more than others, this also applies in Journey with the added caveat of surviving troops. For raid boss if you’re not killing Zuul and continuously raising its level you’re not scoring full points.

Are these all full guilds doing the required buy ins and everyone doing all sigils with highest targets in mind and following the ‘rules’ of the events?

Are the players that leave also doing what they need to to make sure they are doing whats required?

Thanks fotr this thoughtful reply. These would be the guilds where they don’t force minimum buy-ins. Some people buy more, most buy tier 2 or 3. People play all their sigils. Same levels of participatiion/buy-in as b4 7.0 The issue is that we could achieve level 12 before, and we can’t achieve it now, even with everyone using the right troops, weapons, targets etc. Last week the minimum buy in to achieve all rewards with a 30 member guild was tier 4. We are never going to have 30 people buy tier 4. OK, so we don’t achieve the higher level rewards, but we shouldn’t be stalling out on level 10 or 11, either. So the reward scaling, even with double points, isn’t working for a normal, mid-tier guild. We’re ranked 238, GW bracket 20, all players lvl 1000-1600 who play daily, at least half are FTP.

Yes, but with the new system you are FORCED to buy tiers in the shop to contribute meaningful score, my guild has a decent chunk of players who play most of the free sigils, a decent chunk who play none, and a few that go hard to make up for that. Especially in ToD, where you HAVE to buy tier 4 to double your score, this makes it near impossible for my guild to pass Tier 10, EVER (when we used to hit tier 10 comfortably every event). The only one event that is perfectly fine as it is is Raid Boss, since the rewards for that scale incredibly high if a single person buys a ton of sigils.

Raid Boss is fine as-is, Invasion could be a little better in terms of score (but isnt that bad right now), Journey should scale UP in some fashion as the difficulty increases, and ToD is completely screwy in terms of scoring.

The fact of the matter is, some people dont spend gems on the shop tiers for the new troop/weapon, and if they dont, it COMPLETELY handicaps the guilds ability to get any meaningful rewards. Whether they dont spend because they dont want to, or because they have other things that require gems, it shouldnt kneecap the entire guild as badly as it is does in ToD (and to a lesser extent Journey and Invasion)


If you have players that dont participate in the weekly events, i feel its unreasonable to expect to receive rewards. If you expect, for example to only contribute to tasks and not participate in events, isnt’t that how the guild you’re in opted to do things?

ToD reward tiers shouldn’t even be that much of an issue. The reward (forge scrolls) is gained through participation regardless. If someone doesnr want to upgrade doomed/cursebreaker weapons with scrolls in the shop, that’s also their choice.

Maybe the reward tiers can be structured in such a way that low activity/level guilds can receive the same rewards as before but leave the extras, shiny keys, dragonite, shiny tokens, etc., in higher rewaed tiers.


Please re-read, with our CURRENT participation, we USED to reach tier 10 easily, im not asking for us to magically complete events, i just want our rewards to be on par with what they used to be, which was one of their goals for this re-work. Not only is it more difficult for us to achieve tier 10, but the only decent reward (3 celestial traitstones) were moved to tier 13, meaning our goal reward tier is basically worthless now. We are having to put in MORE effort for WORSE rewards now, which again, they said they wanted to keep the scoring roughly to what it used to be.

The way that ToD score works is: previously we had 3-6 ppl who actually bought the weapon, and we reached tier 10 easily, NOW it is we have 3-6 ppl who buy the weapon, and BARELY hit tier 8, that is not keeping the scoring the same, and it NEEDS to be changed. Like, if we barely missed 10 it would be one thing, but we were MORE than 2 full tiers below what we used to achieve, and that was with me buying the 20 sigil $$$ pack AND a tier 7, which i never had to do previously.


Please reread.

I could swear i said that in the last paragraph of my response.

I’ve seen this in my guild too. The Shiny stuff is extremely toxic for any guilds that are not full of super active, high level players, and punishes high levels who prefer to help lower ones as well as making it much harder for lower guilds to keep going.

I don’t get why they had to introduce this in the first place. It’s overly complicated and pay to win. Why not just add more tiers of the medals? That would allow higher levels to use up their useless resources at the same time as keeping Explore relevant. Lower levels would also struggle to reach the highest tiers, but it would not be impossible and guild/paywall locked.


Going to respond here to bump this thread back up as pretty much everything got buried recently by the “underspire avalanche”…

Most importantly, thank you @Schaafy for expanding this topic. I read a lot of your contributions to this community and they are well thought out. Our guild (* Magix *) works very similar in that we have many people who love the game, buy Tier 7 to help the guild get high rewards and at the same time we are open to new players which is about half of the guild because we want to help them.

For example in the last Journey Event we had 4 members rank in the top 50 Leaderboard after buying Tier 7 several times. Even then we couldn’t break the tier 12 reward.

As mentioned, new players mostly can’t afford to throw in a blue orb to ascend a troop when that trait will never be used again (3x miles for only one Journey Event).

I would also like to see the rewards revamped to favour new players and mixed guilds. This would make everyone’s playing experience far more rewarding and motivate more interest in playing. The current reward system changes feels like the goal posts just got moved farther away and pretty much gives the feeling of being completely out of reach for our guild.

Furthermore on the topic of helping new players - it would be really nice to show interest in having the ability to make Guild Announcements that all members of the guild get in their mail box as it would help communicate to people who’s chat is turned off.

Thank you for reading. :slightly_smiling_face: