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Battle with Limited Movements

I do not know if others will agree with me, but for me the system of new events in Gems of War is becoming repetitive.

Regardless of the event, Raid Boss, Invasion, Tower of Doom, Delves, we begin to fight against troops at levels matched to ours in balanced battles and soon we are confronting enemies with levels that we never dreamed of in our own troops, almost having small infarcts to to win

In short, the events are repetitive in this aspect, being tiresome in the long run.

I imagined an event or minigame where we would have a slightly different system.

In the battle with limit of movements the player would go through a series of fights (as in the Arena), but facing a new rule in these combats.

The player would start with 50 moves allowed. How so 50 moves? Simple, for every move made, a 1-point movement counter would be discounted, just like in Treasure Hunt.
However, as in battles holding extra turns is much easier, the player would not gain extra moves while doing this and even in the extra turn movement with gems, the counter movement would still be discounted.

If the player “passed the turn” to the opponent, when he returned his play, the counter would be discounted from where he left off, that is, if in his first play he spent 10 moves, when he returned to him again, he would only have 40 moves remaining.

If the moves were finished before the enemy was defeated (regardless of the number of troops on both sides), the player would lose the battle. That is, if the 50 moves ended, even if there were 1 troop on the enemy side and 4 for the player, the battle would be lost.

The goal of this battle mode is to win with 50 moves or less.

Lord MeghatroN - Gems of War’s player since 2014.
Leader of the Raptors Brasil guild (Brazilian Gems of War Community).

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