Why are more rewards better?

I just thought about the game, and why we are doing this. I guess, this kind of thinking is a mistake.

Gems of War is an endless game, a string of matches. You can win an event fight or an arena run, but you can not win Gems of War. Depending on what you count, the game by now has somewhere between 10 and 25 different ressources; tokens that are given out for doing things. Getting more of those does make players happier, but even if it means getting some troop or weapon, does it really change a lot? The board with its six basic gem kinds will remain, either until the servers are dead or we are. Does dragonite mean more than the point score shown after a game of Windows Solitaire?

I’m confused.

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Sounds like Fatalism to me, and it can lead down a dark road. Wouldn’t recommend it, but that’s your choice.

Why farm Dragonite, those troops mean nothing?
Why collect any troop or weapon from Gems of War, does it really change a lot?
Why play Gems of War? The servers are going to shut down in the future anyways.
Why play games? Most games don’t mean anything once they’re done.
Why anything?..

In a non-fatalistic standpoint, games are supposed to be fun and for many people, the idea of progress amounts to a more fun experience. … and this topic can go for a long time in a different direction.

The “short version” for Gems of War is that creating a fun experience is just as important for IP2 as it is for the player, for if the player walks away, so does an opportunity for income. They need the income to keep the game going and when it stops being profitable, chances are its going to end.

If they want to assume there’s an infinite player base in the wild where a majority of their current customers can walk away and be replaced, that’s their choice. Otherwise, if they want to keep the people that’s currently playing or attract new players, they need to act accordingly.

Different people will think differently, that’s just how it is. Some people enjoy repetitive tasks that require no effort and thought. Some people like random events. Some people like flashy colors. Some people like to think when they play games. Some people like to see progress and growth in their game play. Some people like to be challenged. Its up to IP2 to decided what they think their audience likes, and to go for it. The players can react accordingly.

Some people don’t need stimulation to keep playing Gems of War. Great. They don’t need Dragonite to keep playing Gems of War, good for them. Nothing needs to change.

Some people get tired of the same things over and over. That’s where action is needed.

But thinking processes can change over time and don’t be surprised where one day, even though you don’t care about wanting Dragonite, you’ll suddenly lose interest in Gems of War because everything feels the same and you lose interest in playing. Or someone else likes the idea of keeping a full collection and has been able to, but one day is no longer able to anymore and loses interest in playing. Most people have a limit and a breaking point.

At least the people talking about rewards, wanting rewards to make sense, and overall health of the game are showing interest in the game. They’re still engaged in the product. There’s more certainty to that then the silent ones that may just disappear one day. That’s still far better than the ones that like to see other people suffer if they themselves can’t have something. :man_shrugging:

Being indifferent is a fast way to losing interest.


Very well said. For me, especially in mobile apps where “finishing” is either impossible or incredibly costly in terms of time and/or money, my motivation comes from accomplishing small goals along the way. Save up for troop X. Finally beat pure faction Y. I don’t have to be on top or as close to finishing as physically possible. I just enjoy the ride!


I think the problem with GoW development is that they have added virtually nothing in the way of ‘small goals’ in the past couple of years. An ever increasing number of people are stuck in a place where there are no more small goals left to accomplish and the game’s many flaws are laid bare. More small goals plz.


I think they could definitely use more, and I’m hoping to see some more variated content in the future, but I’m not too upset about the amount of small goals right now. For me as a fairly casual player, there’s always still that next troop I’m trying to obtain, or faction I’m trying to clear, or kingdom I’m trying to progress. My actions in game drive me towards meeting those small goals.


You said it. You can play a game of solitaire and win, but do you really beat The Cards ?

This is suppose to be the joy of collecting things, play for compensation, relax your dead time

Your thoughs can be applied to every games :hugs:

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