Battle crashers


Battle crashers aren’t a bad thing by any means, but I know a lot of people would prefer to not have them in GW weeks
It makes it extremely hard to practice teams when u aren’t playing the defenses intended


Unfortunately, Saint Patrick’s day falls during a GW week this year. Hopefully next year it won’t.
My only minor complaint is having an event that encourages folks to kill red troops in Explore.
While the battle crasher is purple/green.
This feels like just lack of planning on their end.


The conference room must be like this.


My word. That is quite a reference in that gif. Did you know to search for Sgt Bilko because your knowledge of the 90s is encyclopedic, or did you happen to stumble upon the gif and saw that it fit?


I remembered the scene and had to do quite the search to get it in a non-french subtitle gif.