Sparklegrinder & the misinformed

This is just so dang wrong.

I’ll respond to this along the same lines I respond to posts like this on Twitter - if this is where your mind instantly goes, then the Devs are not the issue here.
Seriously, why does everyone have to look for something to be offended by?


Here in the US it is Memorial Weekend to remember the sacrifices of our Military Men who have fallen to pay the price for freedom. My mind didn’t just instantly go there… my mind & heart are on those that fell & paid the ultimate price for that freedom, fighting exactly what was being described in the explination.

Is this a game? Yes, it is. A better explination could have been used.

I’m not getting into an argument over a game & I’m not commenting further than the below as this will get out of hand very quickly.
My family on my mother’s side is Jewish, so I lost family on both sides, one fighting & one being persecuted so trust me when I say the term ‘Nazi’ being thrown around grabs my attention but my mind didn’t go there at all - it’s a game as you rightly say & the Devs obviously saw no offence in it, as there is none IMHO.

I guess we should be glad it’s not a brown enemy event week :rofl:

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LoL… You got me chuckling with that…

In that case s*** would hit the fan :rofl::rofl:
But I guess complaining is easier than praising….:thinking:

@ Nonsheep
And using Nazi is in this case totally inappropriate… I don’t think you fully thought your comment thru, because this is a GAME so let’s keep it that. Otherwise go visit Buchenwald or Breendonck or another one of those camps then you’ll see the difference… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Your problem is education. Education that is too patriotic is an education too narrow.
Let me break out to you: most Nazi signs existed in other parts of the world and it’s other people’s culture and language before the Roman Empire existed.
Now you got paranoid and interpreted the picture in a way that you related it to something you hate.
Part 2: because of you other people from different countries and cultures and language have to stay on the dark.
All I can tell you is that you sound patriotic I support you for it but try and fix the pantomime you country is making before you try and go global. And do some research about other language because this language is still being used to this day but that’s for you to search