Battle Crashers - Amusing Side Effect

I’m doing some PVP and Ragnagord crashes in on the party replacing the first troop I’m fighting.

No big deal, he’s been doing it all arvo.

I’m using a thief team with the 7% assassinate last enemy talent when an enemy dies.

So guess what happened to the last enemy of the opposing team.

I checked the combat log (the gear icon) to see what happened and sure enough, I had registered two kills and generated two souls.

Nice work Ragnagord. :grin:

However, not sure if that’s the intended behaviour or not. So thought I would mention it. Definitely amusing though.


When a battlecrasher replaces a troop at the beginning of a battle it technically counts as one of the enemies being killed, and any traits or talents that apply “upon enemy death” will activate. I think this has been going on since the beginning and is intentional (i.e. it’s a feature, not a bug).

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Gnome and valraven dont kill the troop they replace tho, only battlecrasher does


My mistake, thanks. I’ve corrected my post.

Side effect of the side effect: during battle crasher events, 4x Lust teams can trigger three times. So you can totally ruin somebody’s PVP day with a joke team, killing one or two troops before they get a turn. (This isn’t the reason I stopped PVPing—it’s antagonistic, but not in the same way as Life and Death Orbweavers.)