Battle Crasher - Meh

Battle crasher is nice, I suppose.

Want to impress me? Have one crash my PvP offense team once in a while. When I win the battle anyway, give me a truly useful reward.


I’m only here to admire your avatar. :wink:

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You pilot the TARDIS much better than your husband!


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It’s a shame he was busy that day.

I see crashers as another way to reduce your chances of finding pet gnomes. 500 gold or a pet fight? I will take the pet every time

The devs confirm that battle crasher dont overwrite gnome, what more do you need?


I’m actually SERIOUSLY annoyed by the crashers (or trashers) this time around. There’s a new mythic out and I want to try out teams… but I mainly encounter thrashed teams by the new battle crasher… so can’t really say which team is decently consistent in a real pvp fight and which one is not…

Wish there would be an option to stop them spawn…

At least the crasher is giving out something that can be useful at all levels: Gold. Don’t tell me endgamers don’t like gold. You can always try for an extra LT or two.

Uhm… I rarely have a need for gold, and when I do, there are better ways to get it… I’m not even close to the endgame, but I never ever struggle with gold, even after contributing to Legendary tasks. And you do realize that the rewards from the Legendary tasks as just as useless as gold for a true end game player, right?

My point was that I’d rather be able to strategize and build PVP teams with the new mythic… but the crasher totally ruined that for me. So, no more playing this weekend…

On the other hand, it allows me to attack more difficult opponents. Just beat a Zuul’Goth opponent, because Zuul’Goth was replaced. Brilliant.


Confirmation myself, which I did. :grinning:
Can be searched for on here if interested. However, I’m not interested in searching for it.

Oh please. Are you still giving these guys latitude for some aspect of Integrity. They nerfed lord of slaughter days before release. What more do you need?

Until there is a better source of information, that is all i need

I do feel like we see less gnomes with a battle crasher. It doesn’t override it but it does have less of a chance of showing up.
I do like the extra gold though
And a fun fact I learned is the battle crasher will never replace the hero.

I also enjoy seeing the last opponent disappear via Rising Shadows occasionally when the Crasher appears. Sometimes it’s the Crasher that disappears!

The frequency of battle crashers “invading” the line up of an opponent far outweighs the frequency of gnomes appearing in a similar fashion. I regularly get 3 consecutive crashers in pvp but I can’t remember that ever happening with gnomes. How gnome frequency is not reduced under these circumstances is beyond my comprehension.

Yeah, I am assuming that the Gnome rate is near zero for the duration of the battle crasher event, especially for Pet Gnomes. Appears to be so, anyway. :unamused:

I see no obvious difference in gnome rates between this week (with battle crasher) and last week (no battle crasher, before the vault event). We’ve actually had more pet events this week than the previous one (Mon, Tue, Thur).

Gnomes were scarce before and they’re still scarce now. Perhaps more obviously so, with the battle crasher not being scarce.

AlpheonGems of War Dev

Feb '19

To clarify - Battlecrashers do not affect the spawn rate of Gnomes. If a Gnome would spawn, a Battlecrasher will not take its place.

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I tracked Gnome appearances one week that included a Vault weekend but no battle crashers. Monday thru Thursday, 37 Gnomes showed up in 1523 PvP battles (2.4%), 11 of which were Pet Gnomes (0.7%). (Of course, the 3 on Wednesday were useless! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

I really wish I had started tracking them this week. Oh, well, perhaps next time.