Barbearius is missing


So Babearius went missing in my troop log. He is no longer in the game… is this a bug and if so has anyone heard if we will get him back?
If not then will they refund his cost and upgrades


He appears in my troop list. Try deleting and re-installing the game if you’re on mobile. Just make sure you have your recovery code saved so you can get back into your account.


Hmm I am on ps4
Will try


i saw a bunch of reports earlier he was crashing the game on the consoles. MIght be a temp thing while they fix him.


Same here. Tankbot has taken it’s place.


He’s gone because he was crashing the game for both Ps4 and Xbox one users. He will return when the 1.8 patch gets released


Truly wish they’d change the news section on the login indicating Barbearius as I spent HOURS last night in PvP matches attempting to find him. Grrrr


Sorry for off-topic, but your topic title sounds like it could be a children’s book… I swear, my brain is weird in a different way ever day…

P.s. I would buy that book. Even though I don’t have kids. Please somebody write this.


Barbearius is missing.

Scarlett is sad.

Scarlett goes to see Fenrir. “Fenrir, have you seen Barbearius?”

No, Fenrir has not seen Barbearius. Maybe Barbearius has gone to visit Orion in Divinion Fields.

Scarlett goes to see Orion. “Orion, have you seen Barbearius?”

No, Orion has not seen Barbearius. … :smiley:


Hes in mine and I’m on ps4 so Idk but ya he was crashing the game so were gonna have to wait until the new update to use him.


I still do not have him and they already did an update I think…so what now.
They need to refund my gems back and all the souls I used too buy and upgrade him too 8th level.

How do I go about doing that or give him back too me at 8th