Please take Barbearius out of everyones list ps4

Either hurry up with the update or take barbearius out of everyones list.Their are still assholes playing with barbearius knowing full well he is bug and crashes my game on purpose.

Honestly, unless @505GamesSupport refunds the Souls people spent on Barbearius, leave him alone.

We already got screwed with the Goblin Rocket (I guess he’s never coming back?) but we at least got another NEW Troop. All they did was replace Barbearius with Tankbot 2000.

Furthermore, I haven’t seen Barbearius since the notice telling everyone to stop using it. If it’s still popping up for you, maybe you should spend the 50 Gold and scout, or just quit any match you see Barbearius.

The golbin rocket that never showed, is really there, anyone who bought him count your cards in troop list then look at the number of your troops on guild list if you bought them you will be +1 on the guild list. They did refund for Barbearius but i dont see them taking him…
.I have 23 rows of trops 5x23 = 115 My guild list says i have 116 troops…also since i bought 2 goblin rockets i can NOT use disenchant all lol

Just save all those extra Troops for the update then. You’ll be able to ascend earlier than most others.