Barbearius crashing Xbox One?

Is anyone experiencing the game to completely freeze when using Barbearius? I was fighting PvP, had Barbearius in the fourth spot, used his special, exploded a gem, gems disappeared, and then screen was stuck with the all regular gems showing and a square missing where the exploded gems were. I could access the start menu, and was able to retreat, but that was the only functional option I was able to complete.

Short answer, yes:

It’s not just Xbox One. Consoles in general are having the crash problem with Barbearius.

Follow this link posted by Nimhain to put in a support ticket. If we all let 505 know that this weeks Glory troop is glitched, maybe it’l spur them to get a hotpatch out quickly.

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I posted a ticket and received a response. Was told they were aware of the problem and to just not use it until problem is resolved. My question is how will we know when it has. Will we be contacted?

You’ll likely know when you see your Barbearius’ returned to you.

Goblin Rocket was also removed and users were told they’d get them back when the issues resolved. (Not sure it has been yet, but we’ll see.)

The only issue with Goblin rocket at the time was that he wasn’t showing up in anyone’s troop lists. They said that he would show up in the troop lists for those that tried to by him at the time but to this day he still hasn’t popped up