Bad Campaign Design

The campaign AI that picks these tasks continues to disregard whether or not the weapon type is available in that kingdoms weapon selection.

Shentang campaign week. Yet the Mace type weapon cannot isn’t available with Maces as of today. So what do Maces have to do with the lore of this week? Absolutely nothing. Why the hell even attach a kingdom to the weekly campaign if it means nothing in terms of tasks? Or, why have 90% of the tasks fit with the kingdom but continue to ignore the 10% do?

Perhaps every weapon type should have a campaign task instead of just the least used weapons in the game.

Is it gold task? Is it a weapon task?

Oh then it must be a tome or mace type. 5 campaigns in and more revenue from campaigns have been spent on making shop purchases be slower (the past 2 updates) and PQ3 than improving upon the now one year old design of the original campaign.


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Just as an fyi for anyone who doesn’t know, you CAN do those 2 tasks simultaneously, just not in world event.

But that’s not the point of awryan’s post.

His point is that the campaign which normally centers around the kingdom of that week, doesn’t have a valid option for it’s task.

There are no Shentang maces, therefore it is not possible to do this task as part of the kingdom campaign


Maybe @Fleg was just adding a helpful aside for some players. The words “just as an fyi for anyone who doesn’t know” are pretty much telegraphing that.

Two things can be true at the same time.

Also it is very much possible to do this task as part of the campaign, just not the world event.

Also, also… I totally agree that its sloppy design to keep random generating tasks that make no sense for the kingdom of the week. They are doable, sure. But what’s the point of the lore or anything else when the tasks are pulled out of thin air.