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Raid Boss Weekly Kingdom Only?

So the first raid boss we have to only use weekly kingdom troops and ShenTang will be the kingdom for the first raid boss? I don’t even have some of the troops for this kingdom yet let alone have them ascended…

Hopefully I am misunderstanding something or is this just really bad planning?

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Yes you’re right. And it’s a bad planning.

However, there could be Shentang troops to buy next week in the Raid Boss shop (currency could be gems).

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You can use Hero too, right?

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yes I believe so

If this is how it works out, then bad planning might not be the best term for it.
Planned to perfection is more like it. Given the past month or so.

There is another term for it, but I’ll try to avoid being banned for now :joy:


General Spoiler below.

Next week is ShenTang Event. Therefore you can use Event Keys to get ShenTang troops. Plus there will be 2 More ShenTang troops in the Glory shop (one for sure, the other might be in the new store). Plus one of the newly offered troops does extra damage to raid bosses…


I disagree. This game is far far too easy for endgame players. Sounds like next week might be an actual challenge and I applaud that.


It’s easy, no doubt about that. We all like a challenge, right? To an extent anyway.

Don’t quite think you got the point of what I wrote if you interpreted that I was complaining about difficulty.

Didn’t mean to reply to you :grinning:

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Nothing to see here. Back to the topic at hand.

Just asking, but are we sure the event troop kingdom and the Raid Boss kingdom will be the same?

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Nothing sure yet, i really hope any dev will post more details tomorow

Hopefully they tell use what we need to do and it’s not as unknown as maxing our gw scores.

Where’s the fun in that? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Congratulations, you lost points because we didn’t tell you how to play it right! :joy::joy::joy:


I think it is a pretty safe assumption that there will be only one “weekly kingdom”, but if I’m wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time.


The Raid and Event Kingdoms being the same makes sense too, as it would only take a few Event Keys for newer players to get enough of that Kingdom’s troops to build a decent team.


It shouldn’t be an issue at all, and potentially only a slight issue when new kingdoms are released. Gold keys to get common and rares, event keys available to get UR and higher rarities, at least one troop available in regular shop for glory plus one troop available in raid shop (however that works), plus hero class allowed. Just about anyone should be able to field 4 troops, especially if there is no major incentive to have unique troops on the team.

Existing kingdoms should have all of the old troops, plus one or more new troops available at the start of the week, so even less of a problem.


Yeah but what you want is the raid boss shop troops, they deal more damages to bosses

I completely assumed this in my post above from reading Sirrian, it made sense from a player understanding (simplicity of having One Event Kingdom per week) but from a business decision. Honestly I never ever considered they would have multiple Event Kingdoms simultaneously. If you can’t defeat the raid boss there is always the $50 and $30 Kingdom Pack for sale to help you.

Of course i could be wrong…, and the publisher doesn’t like money.:wink:

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