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Axolotl of Awesome

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/axolotl-of-awesome/

New Raid Boss Troop: Tuskor Tuskor will be available in the Raid Boss Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. New Rare Troop: Axolotl The Axolotl will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in…

I’d like to try the weapon, but the last thing we need is more partizanship.


Generally, as I understand it “z” means a long pike - e.g. partizan. Partisan - is a political thing. But who knows. English is a weird language :slight_smile:

Anyhoo - the right tusk of Tuskor. Um, where is it coming from? He might need a dentist. Weapon power is a harpoon; but he’s clearly holding a hook. Not the only offender, obviously - but c’mon.

Also, if there a “cuteness” battle royale between Axolotl and Manticore Cub - who would win?

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Maybe it’s supposed to be an earlobe instead of a tusk? :smile:

2/3 good arts. A shame this is not the standard for GoW, we are treated with very few great artworks in some troops and a bunch of eye-gouging visual torture devices quite often…

I actually think the tusks are fine, it’s the front of his face/moustache that’s the problem I think. His head is actually turned on quite an angle but the front of his face is not, which kind of tricks the eye to thinking the tusk should be further forward.

I had to look it up but apparently “partizan” is an archaic spelling of “partisan”. That still means it’s “right” but that it bothered me.

Troop abilities: meh. Troop art: great in my opinion. I may never see or use Tuskor again, but I really like axolotls so this one’s a winner for me and I’m not taking negative feedback at this time. :mad:

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The answer is right there in it’s name: Tusk OR ….

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So you don’t want us to axolotta questions about it?


Axolotls are the most cute, most amazing, most awesome adorables evrrrr. Please make an in-game chat profile pic and i would choose it yes now please.

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Request granted.


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(Also i am guildless atm while i prepare for our upcoming move… seems I’m missing all the good stuff)

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If there’s still a spot open then jump into Shy-Neigh Ryanies… unlock the tiers and then jump out at your convenience.
The Sigils will stay with you if you join a different guild this week.

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Any thoughts on the Amber Partizan (besides the name, I mean :smirk:)?

Merlantis is one the few kingdoms you can make a viable team out of, so I’m thinking it may have some utility, somehow. While Aquaticus can use the green, I think its biggest problem is that the affixes compare unfavorably with Iron Wave (merfolk are pretty much synonymous with Merlantis, so there’s significant overlap in terms of the teams you’d use with these weapons).

Iron Wave blesses and barriers the hero, making up for Tidecaller’s lack of other protection. The Partizan only really has Glacial, which adds a little bit of speed I guess. To top it off, there are a lot more Merlantis troops who would be blocked by Partizan’s purple than there are red-taking troops that would be blocked by Iron Wave.

In short, unless there’s some killer Aquaticus synergy (and there very well might be), it doesn’t look like Amber Partizan is one of the useful “mix” weapons.

this week im using such team for: RAID, pvp, faction event in silver necropolis, and now class event:

deep king
amber partizan (tidecaller)
sea witch

works well this week :wink:

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None of the “create a mix of X and Y gems for each Z” are reliable enough. They seem to backfire more often than not.


Because they are designed to back fire thanks to the combo breaker mechanics.
Hence the reason why the game is littered with gem spawning weapons.
And why even 2 converting weapons continue to be hamstrung by gem spawning mechanics.

Yup. I started raid with axolotl this week and ditched him very soon after. Way too unpredictable and a troop I will be unlikely to use again.

I wouldn’t dismiss the entire set of these kinds of weapons. Without having the links handy, people have made reliable and strong teams using:

Axe of the North
Iron Wave
Mace of Claws
Nimbus Bow
Orpheus’ Verse
Sheggra’s Spine.

On top of these, there are a handful of others that, while I haven’t seen specific teams cited, I’m pretty confident are viable. I’m just not sure Amber Partizan belongs on that list; leaning no, but there could be something I’m missing.

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