Lizard Wizard

Originally published at: Lizard Wizard – Gems of War

New Raid Boss Troop: Algorak the Slayer Algorak the Slayer will be available in the Raid Boss Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. New Epic Troop: Kobra Kobra will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and…

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I’m seeing it just fine Awryan?


Cool. 30 minutes ago not so much. :grinning:

We have updated our site and Wordpress has also had an update. In some cases it looks like there might be a few minute delay when looking at the blog posts on teh website, even after they’ve been released and pushed to the forums. Keep this in mind in future, and we are looking into it.

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Is there a pun I’m missing in Kobra’s ability or is it meant to be “rapacious”?

Is “rapactious” even a word? Did they mean “rapacious “?

Still got no picture here. Same as the last N announcements.

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Click show full post, then it worked for me.

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What Ghaleon said.

Now that I’m a lot more sleepy I’m starting to think it’s a “pact” pun that didn’t land for me? I mean not every one’s going to be a winner.

Anyway I usually speak up if I like the art, and it feels like somehow over the past few weeks GoW has snuck up and started to adopt a pretty consistent style for troop art. This is pretty good quality art, but snake dudes aren’t my thing. If they were like, snake horses, that’d… well now that’s disturbing me but it’d be something.

I think its just a typo. Please fix the spelling on this, devs…

On another note, art for Algorak looks sweet.

We are gonna fix the spelling. :slight_smile:


2 troops with effects boosted by poison but that don’t poison themselves in the spell, all while poison is the worst effect in the game.

Poor Mist of Scales.


Indeed. I wonder if something could be changed with poison. Like if you try and cleanse it - it could get worse, which is something that can happen medically anyway. So, maybe some kind of failed cleanse, causing more damage and to the cleanser. Ok, so you fire Mercy to feed yellow troops, you are cleansing freeze for example, but one of your troops is poisoned - % chance that the target and the targetter take additional (considerable) damage. Ok, Mercy could recleanse next time, get all poison fixed, but could add to more woes if it failed. Makes poison somewhat interesting.

I mean that might fit something else that is invented in the game, but could happen to poison perhaps.