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Awesome idea for 10 star bonus

And if not 10, then 11 or such. But 10 feels like the perfect spot.

The bonus? Any troops from the starred kingdom that you have at mythic and 4+ no longer drop from chests.

This allows players nearing completionist to reduce the size of possible troops from a pull, and thus better focus on completing the last few.

10 stars sounds like a reasonable point. In order to be able to get a kingdom there, it needs to have available something like 15 troops? And you’d need to be pretty far with levelling and traiting them. Before those kingdoms become possible, the current huge stashes of players will have been normalized, meaning it is an actual achievement to get there for one kingdom, let alone a multiple of them.

I think it’s a minimum of 14 troops to be able to get 8 stars. So 10 stars will likely be much further out than 15 troops.

This would only work if no more new troops were added at some point in the future. Which would inevitably be the end of the game though.

EDIT: I had assumed 5 points per trait after 30 traits. Watching the Guild preview video again, it seems that it might actually be 10 points per trait. If so, @ChroniKing has the correct numbers in his reply.

And some math (which may be wrong based on the above note):

50+20*10+3*25 = 325 max per troop for first 10 troops
10+20*2 +3*5  =  65 max per troop for each additional troop

Num troops
    Max kingdom pts
10  3250  (3200 pts: 7 star becomes possible)
11  3315
12  3380
13  3445
14  3510  (3500 pts: 8 star becomes possible)
15  3575
16  3640
17  3705
18  3770
19  3835
20  3900

Who wants to guess what the requirements are for 9 and 10 stars?

Ah, too optimistic. 9star bonus then I guess (though I seem to recall it having been spoiled somewhere already).

Anyhow, I don’t think it would mean no more troops can be released, especially if there’s a good chunk of legendaries and mythics in each kingdom. As SirCookie shows, the worth of extra troops (and their levels and traitstones) drops significantly.

I have to assume that they will rework the numbers if necessary, i.e. the 20% value we get past 10 troops. Nothing stops them going ‘Oh y’know what its kind of too hard to get to this milestone so we’re bumping it to 50% instead of 20%’.

that would give free mythics to a very old or very rich players
im not saying i dont like it but wouldnt that change like 50% of entire playerbase attitude into : “dont need to hurry buying $ becouse all cards will come to me eventually” ?

my perfect 9*+ bonus?
-give the maxed troops of the maxed kingdom an extra animated shiny graphic
-allow to toggle option for those troops: to have super hasted cast animation or the cast animation be skipped.

The effective consequence of the drop system means that the value of a chest is inversely proportional to your completion rate. Every chest is valuable to a new player, but that value decreases with every drop. Conversely, every new troop or item added to a chest increases its value for all players. It makes the player progress more quickly when just starting, or when returning after taking a break from the game, but causes them to slow down as they near completion. I doubt that this “rubber band” is unintentional, and thus doubt they’d be willing to nullify it at the upper end. It would make it trivial to keep up once you reached it, and I think the recent guild changes suggest they want to make it harder to keep up, not easier.

It will never happen and it shouldn’t. That’s why you can disenchant your extra troops.

What part exactly? I ask this because:

… of this. Why do you say that? Do you mean even mythic troops which you have over 4 of?

Nah, just make it so that if you have all of troops of a specific rarity, and a chest would give that rarity, you instead get a traitstone of the same rarity. So if I have all commons and open some gold chests, instead of getting 5 commons and 2 minors I’d get 7 minors. Likewise with rare -> major, U.rare -> relic, epic -> arcane, legend -> celestial.

Ghulvania is as close as it gets to 8 star now at 13 troop with all traits and levels (3490), Traits are 10 points each after the 1st 75 so…

10 3250 (3200 pts: 7 star becomes possible)
11 3330
12 3410
13 3490 (Ghulvania maxed, coincidence, i think not)
14 3570 (3500 pts: 8 star becomes possible)
15 3650
16 3730
17 3810
18 3890
19 3970
20 4050

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Well yeah. But soul rewards for disenchanting higher rarity troops should be higher.
And removing stuff from pool isn’t healthy for the game enocomy because high end players would be able to get anything without any effort.
Imagine if it was a physical way of collecting stuff. We would buy real chests that would contain released stuff to the date and there wouldn’t be a way to remove some content for those who already obtained it.
This way the collecting is harder but getting something feels better :slight_smile:

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But in the physical world, you buy packs by Expansion. When MtG released Urza’s Legacy, I didn’t have to worry about getting Fallen Empires cards from the packs…