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Attackers doing more skull damage than indicated

A bit of advice please peeps.
Lately in PvP I’m noticing that on occasions the opponents hero character will hit with more than what the damage says it will. The most recent time a character did over 60 damage after linking just 3 normal skulls when his attack said 28. What have players got that could cause this as I want some of it haha


There are traits that can increase damage on troops under certain debuffs like Pyromania. Troops with traits that can also deal extra damage against certain types of troops too like Monster Slayer, Divine Slayer, Elf Slayer.

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Hero talents maybe? Dragonguard and Warlord do triple damage to burning opponents. Or perhaps your troop had a Hunter’s Mark? Possibly set up by archer/assassin talent the same turn from a 4 match (so you might not have noticed it at 4x speed)?


Hunter mark makes you take more damage. Enraged make them deal more.
And yes the increase damage traits.

With all the random effects from Hero class and some troops like Divinia, it’s sometimes hard to follow everything that happens.

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There was nothing obvious in the character’s traits. I wasn’t under the hunters mark nor on fire/poisoned/diseased etc and he wasn’t enraged. I’m a Necromancer class and I think he was a Giant Hero but can’t fully remember. I was only playing on a 2x speed so sure I didn’t miss it. Very odd then.

Thanks for replying guys much appreciated.

Well Titan Class does have a talent to gain Enraged, not sure what debuffs your team can apply, but maybe you just didn’t saw the Enraged stats because of how debuffs and buffs can overlap each other.

With that being said, if it ever happens again try to face the same person more times, you can check your battlelog and challenge the person again in their profile, just to test out what could be causing this behavior, if it’s a bug or not.


In addition to the above, Archer has a chance of dealing lethal damage on skull matches, as well.


Thanks everyone. You have been brill.
Razzagor - I’ll certainly do that

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