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Assassin's Greed

I’ve had to reevaluate optimal fight choices for this event so many times that I’ve actually just given up on it and I’m not looking at the numbers again ever. And I haven’t even started actually playing it. Well, “playing”. This thing is such a train wreck.

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I’ve been using Faunessa…she says does damage based upon an opponents attack, but the damage gets multiplied by the medal bonus. I understand that the healing should get multiplied, but not the damage.

I only used first three tiers…Doom Glaive (Monk), Faunessa, Luna and Malcandessa.

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I used that mythic mermaid (aquaticus?) the whole time. 2 empowered converters plus the explody crystal.

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@Smash I feel more or less the same. The whackado scoring is my only beef. There were a couple/few that were just painful to play due to poorly chosen restrictions or unfortunate medal choice. But the majority have been fine, play wise. However, it really does feel like the same event every week. That doesn’t bug me, personally. As long as I don’t need to dig out my slide rule (I’m slide rule years old! :joy:) I’m content.