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New Ultra-Rare Troop: Maid of Envy Maid of Envy will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Crown Jewels There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Maid…

Ultra Rare battle = 20 Points

Mythic battle = 12 Points


Because if you don’t use the forums you’re asking for it. :person_facepalming:

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Very straightforward scoring - Maid of Envy (20 points), otherwise highest rarity.

Also true is battling anywhere until there’s only Pride/Broker of Greed on the board, and sticking to flipping one position.

Should probably note that with no randomness, this is a perfect event to coordinate efforts for multiple Orbs of Power.
e.g. everyone agree to buy Tier 7, but spend only 150 sigils from the ~163-174 possible, allowing for runaway ravens and failed battles.


But WHY can we not have this in game!!! Why force us to come here. It’s really starting to bug me.


Good Morning, Here are the graphics to help you this week:

Reward Tiers:



Average Tier Buy In of Tier 1 (~65 battles) should do it with everyone understanding that the Ultra Rare ‘Maid of Envy’ battle is the highest scoring.

Leaderboards show some variation with likely cause being players avoiding the ‘worst’ rarity battle and scoring lower.


I’m increasingly convinced that the fact that the top score for some of these doesn’t come from the highest rarity troop is intentionally designed to result in more tier purchases for the vast majority of players who do not use the forums, social media, or discord.

The fact that scoring is not CLEARLY NOTED IN GAME, BY DESIGN is bad enough, but this is straight up scummy behavior.


Hoping for this but also noting the kingdom and wondering if anyone will Sin.

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Average Tier Buy In of Tier 1 (~65 battles) should do it with everyone understanding that the Ultra Rare ‘Maid of Envy’ battle is the highest scoring.

Leaderboards show some variation with likely cause being players avoiding the ‘worst’ rarity battle and scoring lower.


The ninth stage is more expensive than the tenth. LoL


Yep – that’s how it is here as well on Android and Steam, showing Stage 8 2000, Stage 9 3000, then Stage 10 2500, and Stage 11 5000.

Weird because it goes from 2k to 3k and Stage 10 should presumably be 4k, then it jumps by 2k at Stage 12. So currently the required total points for Stages 8 through 12 is 19,500. If it went by 1k every time, it would require 20k.

Occasionally events are like this, and have for a few years. :man_shrugging: Not sure how points are determined.

Maid of Envy should at least have a boss battle icon instead of the standard icon to make it apparent that it is worth more than the others.


Indeed - we are waiting for this since now a year - no one can claim this is super difficult or doesnt make sense. This week is a perfect example for this, with the highest points for the most common enemy - NEW NEW NEW! :see_no_evil:
Just note this “manual” ingame and write the points behind every enemy on the map - easy!

But i think no one in charge ever reads it - like @Saltypatra myths threads (other ones too), which are broken since months.

The truth of it (in my opinion) is that while they very well may recognize this as something that should be implemented, the lack of scoring in-game brings them in that sweet $$ due to players scoring ineffectively for their guilds and buying more tiers with gems (thus being more likely to purchase gems with $$ at some point in the future). Because this issue isn’t harming their profits, and is netting them extra $$ if anything, scoring in-game is not a priority nor a big concern.

Welcome to the monetization era of Gems of War, where crap ain’t done unless it rakes in the money. See for reference any update within the past year and a half.


If they want to spend us more gems in the event shop, they just should just return the weapons or new units to the event shop. I am sure most people bought more tiers in the weekly invasion and boss events than in the “new” campaign events just because of that.
Of course they also could raise the needed points but this will end up more in frustration than investment i am sure.

They could put in old weapons, sure, but that would devalue flash $$ offers for them. They make more money by paywalling weapons (or timewalling them by making them hardly appear in SF) than they would by putting them in event shops, since many players save gems for event tiers each week and don’t end up paying $$.

He means adding new weapons every week like they did in the past, I think, instead of emoji sets and stuff that I think most hardcore players don’f really care about (and that the casuals maybe don’t have the gems to acquire anyway?)


Thanks. No way i would pick an ultra rare over a mythic if not for this…

I don’t understand you. I read the news page every Monday about scoring, simplify it into a battle priority list, put it into the guild message, problem solved.

Are we still getting the same battles for everybody?

Some things looks suspicious to me (always highest points) - like #24 with +3 battles won combined with +76 points. (And that’s not the only one). It should be impossible, unless people are offered different fights, shouldn’t it? Reporting a player crosses my mind, but I don’t want to jump to rash actions.