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Assassin's Greed


New Ultra-Rare Troop: Royal Assassin

The Royal Assassin will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

World Event: Scales of Justice

There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Scale Assassin, Mist Assassin, Kobra, Viper, Euryali, and Mambasira. The first 4 battles to appear are randomly chosen, but they all have an equal chance of appearing on the map.

Then a battle will appear against either Euryali or Mambasira. After that, all battles reset, and you’ll need to fight another 4 battles to spawn either Euryali or Mambasira again.

You can find the following rewards for each of the different battles you may encounter.

  • Scale Assassin: 1 Antidote
  • Mist Assassin: 1 Antidote
  • Kobra: 4 Treasures
  • Viper: 4 Treasures
  • Euryali: 2 Antidotes
  • Mambasira: 8 Treasures

Each Antidote is worth 20 points, and each Treasure is worth 4 points. The battles against Scale Assassin, Mist Assassin, and Euryali each drop a variable number of Antidotes (on average about 1.18x the base amount). As battles get harder against Kobra, Viper, Mambasira, they will increase the amount of Treasures given by 25%.

82,000 points for all rewards => 2,734 points per person (30-person guild)
Looks like it is reachable without any Shop Tier buys: 60-64 battles can hit the mark with luck.
You could try Tier 0 and If your luck turns out bad, buy Tier 1 later.
Note: Assuming you can manage without the badge/medals from Shop tiers.

It should be noted that the score range is insanely high (2nd image below):

  • 54 battles - 2,832 points
  • 54 battles - 1,864 points


Initial thoughts and guesstimate

p/s The closest precedent to this scoring method is Stag Party (Aug 10)

Scale Assassin: 1 Antidote = 23.6 pts on average, 40 pts max(?)
Mist Assassin: 1 Antidote = 23.6 pts on average, 40 pts max(?)
(Epic) Kobra: 4 Treasures = 16 pts to start, then 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40…
(Legendary) Viper: 4 Treasures = 16 pts to start, then 20, 24…
(Mythic) Euryali: 2 Antidotes = 47.2 pts on average, 80 pts max(?)
(Mythic) Mambasira: 8 Treasures = 32 pts to start, then 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80…

By the 3rd Kobra/Viper battle, they are worth more than the Assassins (on average).
By the 7th Kobra/Viper battle, they are worth equal to or more than the Assassins can ever be (assuming 1x, 1.4x, 2x multipliers).
Same considerations between Mambasira and Euryali (both @ 2x the above comparison).
Even at 60 battles (~12 of each non-Mythic battle) minimum from 28 free sigils and valravens, the tipping point is very early to prefer scaling Treasures to RNG Antidotes.

However, this information is moot if the available battles have been randomly chosen but thereafter locked into a pseudo-preset script, which means the battles are more than likely to be Scale>Mist>Kobra>Viper>Euryali>Scale>Mist>Kobra>Viper>Mambasira and repeating thereafter with guided quasi-equality in number of battles. Such a progression hints at a guesstimate range of points by shop tier

Shop Tier (total battles -- *edited: left in a 5x multiplier from last event*)
0 (60-64):  1969 - 2136 points
1 (64-68):  2136 - 2290 points
2 (70-74):  2431 - 2612 points << guessing ~78,000 total required
3 (80-84):  2930 - 3127 points
4 (90-96):  3467 - 3747 points

EDIT post go-live: In retrospect, the average points for Euryali ends up higher than 1.18x due to the 1.4 multiplier causing 2.8 antidotes to count as 3 antidotes, pushing the average up a little. The better news is that player choice (of battle) seems to play a big role this week, and actually makes a difference.

Take the highest rarity battle always.


I would Treasure an Antidote to these overly complicated scoring mechanisms.


Im so done with the World Event scoring system. :face_vomiting:

Confusing the hell out of the player base doesn’t improve the fun of the event when the event is still the same gameplay battles over and over with very little variation.

Make the scoring simple to understand and feel free to make the battles more complicated. The other way around is just stupid.


And that’s with access to the forums explanation. Spare a thought for those who only read the in-game instructions.



Would it be possible to, when releasing the news on a new World Event, add also the total score necessary to collect all tier rewards for it?
This way it will be easier to set guild event requirements for the week ahead.

Thank you.


Haven’t all past events with a x1.18 average included a potential x3 payout? Obviously we won’t know until we see it, but it would make sense to me to at least prepare for that possibility.

That’s half the picture. The 2nd half of the picture is actual achievable points based on the script. Which we find out later by looking at the leaderboard; in this case it will be a wee mess due to “1.18x RNG”. We may as well ask the more direct question:

“What shop tier should guilds be buying for 30 people to achieve reward stage 12, assuming no losses, no runawa valravens and all sigils spent”?

In any case, I have decided to park my post directly underneath (or near) the event post, and provide that information to those who may need it.

Going through notes, I’m not sure that 3x is a real thing. I may have read it, but I am guessing the poster mentioned 3x only for the sake of discussion and not actual occurrence. (I could be wrong). In any case, thrill seekers can go for the RNG potential payout whether it’s 2x or 3x :slight_smile:

Posts complaining about the equal scores for Campaign 2, Week 1 provides almost incontrovertible evidence that the available battles follow a script. In which case, it is almost moot whether or not you know the “optimal strategy”, if the difference ends up being the last 2 or 3 battles that may have turned out different (for your total sigils). i.e. Just open the game to the mode and battle away.

Will the color coding of fights make sense this week?

When did this game become a calculus class? Why is complex scoring a thing? It’s a mobile game. Not rocket science.


I’d agree, except this week features a refresh of battle selections, and different scoring mechanisms for different battles (increasing vs not, jackpot vs guaranteed).

You won’t have the option of going back to do the Mambasira [no actual choice of Mythic battles] Viper and Kobra battles you missed once you realise they eventually pay out more than the Euryali Antidote-giving Scale and Mist Assassin battles that seemed so lucrative to start out with, and possibly lucked out on with RNG.

  • It’s potentially even player-unfriendly, in terms of obscurely tempting the player away from optimal choices.

You fervently (and rightfully, imo) argued for skipping Kurandara in favour of scaling points, and I don’t think this should be different. Don’t flip-flop on me now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Holy crap that artwork sucks.

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My Sunday night ritual thanks to World Event scoring.


Stupid scoring mechanics back again :frowning:

Pointless complaining because devs never pay any attention to feedback here :laughing:


Thank you, I’ve collated this.

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Playing a game SHOULD involve:

  • Reading the forum to learn the scoring
  • Calculating likely score based upon presented fights
  • Random chance

Cuz that’s fun.


Maybe we could do 16 inefficient tasks tomorrow too?

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Better yet how about make them 20 20 20 20 40 40 instead of whatever silliness that is. JFC.

I came here to make some statement about ‘greed’ since it was in the thread title and is currently very low-hanging fruit, but this doesn’t qualify for greed since its so asinine

And if we absolutely must have different values (read: not the case, really), then the common and rare shouldn’t be the same and the two mythics shouldn’t be different. But what do I know.

Okay, it has been correctly pointed out to me that some of these also scale in value but some do not. Devs, seriously… stop this stupidity.


But the data shows we all keep buying tiers and playing the event so we must be loving it yeah? Just like all the people doing 3 arenas per day that never did arena before, must mean they’re loving the revamp? Devs pat themselves on back “We’re doing a good job and giving the players what they want.”