Ascension Orb Did Not Work

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ISSUE: I used my 1 Ascension orb on Giant Spider to ascend to Epic and it didn’t. I’m still at Ultra-Rare. Advice?

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This is a known bug. Restart the game and it should be listed as an Epic troop.

If not, contact Support directly -

or Write a new proper bug report under Bug Report section -


I literally just did that and you were right! Thanks, Koromac!

Not a problem.

I am finding a lot of bugs and keep reporting them.
I also reported this one, and it can appear in multiple forms.

@Xanderlof. Glad it sorted itself out. I had 2 orbs disappear when I pressed ‘reveal’ recently. Ascension orbs are the rarest of the rare and if you ever aim to craft zuul you should avoid using them at all, certainly not on relatively common troops like spider that will appear frequently in chests.

If you really want to use an ascension orb on an ultra rare troop it is best to wait until they are at legendary. It would only have taken 5 copies to get it to epic but it will take 25 to get from legendary to mythic.

I would advise saving your ascension orbs and using them on guild guardian troops. You could save 6 orbs and use them when you have all guardians at legendary or save 12 and use them when you have them all at epic. When you have all guardians at mythic with 4 copies guild seals turn into gem keys when your guild hits 40k.


Thanks! Great advice.

I’ll give you an even better one.
Do not do that :slight_smile:
These troops will ascend eventually…and there will be a time you start pulling your hair for every single blue orb you have ‘wasted’
Patience young padawan :wink:

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Lmao! Oh… my very newbie colors are showing.

Yup…I would rather have 12 blue orbs than mythic guardians and a few more ‘luck of the draw’ gem keys.