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Ascending Question

Scenario: x4 Rock Worms in Defend List

Question: If I currently have x6 Rock Worms and Ascend them using x5 (first Ascend), do they disappear from my troop list leaving only x1 Rock Worm?

Basicly, does ascending troops use troops that are currently in ANY of your troop lists?

thanx for the help in advance.

yes you ascend and lose the copies


With only one copy that team will have a single Rock Worm in it.

Even when you acquire more, the team will not “refill” unless you do it manually.


Yes I accidentally gutted my defend team for a week or so when I ascended Valkyrie leaving only one copy.


A point of clarification: troops can be reused across as many teams as you have unlocked. They’re not “assigned to” a given team, and unavailable in others. So if I have 1, say, Drake Rider, I can use it in team #1 and team #2 if I wish. What I can’t do is assign two in one team, since I have only one copy.

That said, @TaliaParks is correct; if you have a team of 4 Rock Worms, and you lose 5 of the 6 you had to ascension, the team slots 2-4 will be emptied automatically (and won’t be refilled when you get more Worms).


Thanx for all replies