Basic questions, leveling, chests, etc


hi, i have some questions about basics of the game (probably i will have some more in the future)

  1. when i ascend the troop from common or whatever to highier form does the leveling cost with souls change ? i mean if i have for example rock worm level 1, should i max it with souls first and then ascend or it doesnt matter, because legendary rock worm leveling cost the same as common form ?
  2. same goes to traits, does it change when leveling/ascending or the cost stays the same whatever the form of the creature is ?
  3. lets say i ascended my rock worm to legendary, does it mean i wont get it from gold chest ? it treated as legendary after ascending or like common one ? should i gathe or required amount or it doesnt matter because the troop is treated as it was at its basic level ?
  4. how many cards i need for common troop to become mythic ? rare to mythic etc
  5. what about leveling kingdoms and their bonus, does it cumulate ? i mean i have upgraded 3 kingdoms to L10, so the question is do i have all bonuses during pvp/chalenges/quests or just from the one picked as home kingdom ?
  6. when i ascend/level/trait the troops does it affect arena ? will i get better troops or will fight against better ones ? because it seems impossible to do anything playing as warlord IV

  1. No. It goes off of the original rarity.
  2. No. It goes off of the original rarity.
  3. No. It goes off of the original rarity.
  4. Ascending a troop costs 5, 10, 25, 50, 100. Common would be 190. Rare 90.
  5. Yes, you have all the bonuses.
  6. No. Nothing you do to troops effect Arena. Kingdom bonuses also do not work in Arena.

  1. Same cost as the base level of the card before ascension

  2. Traits remain the same as well

  3. You will still get the rock worm from gold chests

  4. I think its 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, etc… from the starting rank to the ending rank… so epic goes to legendary then mythic, so 15+1 cards from epic to mythic.

  5. They cumulate

  6. Traits do effect arena at this time, but shouldnt in the future.


so what magic i need to at least have a chance at arena on warlord IV, besides whole luck in the world ?
thx for replying


Personally I wouldnt do warlord 4 on arena with any magic level. the game already will match you against very tough teams even on the easiest settings and the AI will “cheat” (well not really but it will get so lucky its hard to win all 8 matches anyways)


The highest difficulty you should ever play Arena is hard.


WL4 was designed as a challenge to higher level players with all of the kingdom bonuses and traits applying. It does not translate well to the arena. The highest match I have won isWL1 and that was with the burning sythe at full power and a giant spider feeding it