Can 'Ascend All' make sure we have at least 4 spares after Ascension?

Love the feature, and can’t imagine what it must have been like when players had to individually ascend each of their cards: however, I accidentally shot myself in the foot the last time I clicked Ascend All, and only found out during this ToD when I wanted to used a couple of Tesla to quickly clear the early floors, and found out that I only had a single Mythic Tesla…

Not sure having dud teams with the all the Legendaries that we want to make sure we have multiple copies of (Ysabelle, Tesla…) is a reasonable solution, so just thought I’d put this out there.

Thanks and sorry if this has already been discussed/discarded!

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I agree!

Not only are Team Slots already under pressure (Can we get more TEAM SLOTS?), but I have a feeling(???) having multiple copies of a Troop in a team doesn’t actually prevent the Ascension as it’s supposed to:

I had thought there was a thread mentioning this, but I couldn’t find it in a quick search just now, and don’t really want to test it myself – so I could well be wrong.

Regardless, OP’s request would make life easier, and there could even be an option to select the desired number of copies to remain when ascending all (from 1 to 4).


It does. I had a team of 4x Creeper and 4x Mummified King and then used the ascend all button which ascended everything but those two troops.


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Ty – I think I may have been getting mixed up with ascending Troops manually.

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I still ascend all my troops manually :grin:. It’s not too bad.

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