As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions

I’m someone who opens my mouth before my brain has finished processing and it’s the same with posting to the forums, I edit as my brain keeps processing :laughing: :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_tear:


Just gonna leave this here before things get edited/deleted.

Here’s where the playerbase worked together to help each other navigate IP2’s terrible design:



This thread no longer needs to exist, right?

We now have direct evidence that the Devs can fix issues immediately, if inspired adequately.

Y’all simply need to reframe “problems” or “broken features” as something that benefits the player.


agree, nothing about: “this will take some time, cause it is a server issue” or “we will look into that problem”.
showing their real face again…


Even if they are claiming they are using a native German speaker to do the translation, you all also understand that that is not very likely. They will never understand these in any language since they can’t in English.


i think we should test this.
everyone make me absolute ruler of the world, and then let’s see if i abuse that power.

for science, ofc.

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We just did yesterday for the umpteenth time: the playerbase got the short end of that stick again, with the usual patronizing, promises, and TGIF…
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Just gonna leave this here, with the reminder that sls was pivotal to the existence of the tool that helped so many players tolerate the New Dungeon Design: a tool that simply displayed probabilities based on the rules programmed by IP2.

Assess at will, and remember the next time IP2 wants some $$.
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just to keep it updated here too :wink:


So I went through the documentedly selectively enforced guidelines, and nowhere did I find that players cannot discuss bans among themselves in forum: by ‘we’, they meant mods/cx/whatevertheywannacallthemselves?

Either way, locking the thread is quite aligned with recent actions aimed at the playerbase though…

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I think this kinda says it all.

A non employee cannot be used in any judiciary against players. Yes my post was in the wrong thread and that was my mistake. To be using a non employee to warn players of such things is probably illegal.

This company continues to use salty as a mediation when mitigating situations that the post she long ago holds require mediation. There is no doubt they do this without her consent which means she has significant grounds for legal recourse and huge compensation. Those of you who remain in contact with salty should provide knowledge that her name and previous status is being abused by a company that still uses her name to curb unsavoury behaviour.

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Just for safekeeping purposes, including particularly:

…for those who may choose to believe this to truly have been a bug
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Just gonna leave this here, to hopefully nudge some mod apologists: 3 day suspension with no warning nor explanation given, no apparent deleted posts that may contain ‘insults’, and a history of years of basing my comments on documented facts while avoiding ad hominem (unless recent Dungeon RNG Fiasco facts are perceived as ‘insulting’?)

Coincidentally though, I did use the word ‘petty’ in a private message conversation with another player a couple of days before the suspension, so worth noting that they may not be as private as the name suggests.
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Makes you wonder who else is getting banned without the ability or desire to speak up. Guess I’ll get banned too for replying to a thread mentioning a ban that, like other bans, doesn’t even bother informing the player what post or word/s offended CX.

Accusation: Threw insults.
Evidence: None of your business.
Verdict: Guilty.
Source: Trust me, bro.

Arbitrary much?

Not that it matters - they’ve already killed off their Twitter, Twitch and YouTube. Subreddit’s also in its death throes. Forums? No biggie for CX if they savaged the last remaining community holdout too - I guess.

Best CX ever!


RE: private messages, I expect if the other forum member reported the message (ironically demonstrating the validity of your choice of adjective), mods could then read it. If that were the case, nothing suspicious there. Other than a suspension for the mildest “insult” ever.:face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Virtually impossible, since they are a class act and the adjective wasn’t referring to them…
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Ah… Hmm… I see your point.

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Just gonna leave this here before it gets edited.

Lies? Ignorance? Oopsie?: whichever you decide to believe, it’s worth remembering how much a statement by an IP2 staff can be reliably trusted.

The bug report was also immediately labeled “Not a Bug”.
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Small addenda, also for safekeeping.
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