Player (sls) got banned from forum for no reason

Here the link to his messages. Feel free to find something that deserves a ban:


A player who has done more than IP2 staff to help the playerbase as of late by developing the tool that was making so many players happy without denting the beloved ‘economy’?


Who is next in the potential list of bans for helping the players? @Hawx ?
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We all know he got suspended because he developed the dungeon tool that helped the players to increase their odds.

The devs don’t like to be exposed for what they are or support (as this might very well be someone else’s decision).

Retaliation like that will always feel cheap.

If you’re actively trying to make us look for other places to talk about your game, that’s how you do it.


A reason was given: “Continuing to swear after being asked not to”. If a ban was given the moderator would also have edited posts to remove some words or delete the posts. The messages you are linking to will no longer contain the language deemed offensive.


But where is the “please don’t swear” and the subsequent swearing?

If the suspension is because sls got “asked to not swear” and did it again, at least the mod post asking him not to should be somewhere.



@CaptainAwesome if the next project is out of this forum, I’d like to join that new forum. I am ready to abandon the useless one.


Welp. Congrats to the mods on finding a way to make the rift between community and management here even deeper. Just phenomenal CX work. Bonuses all round.


Damn even I lurk in the forums I’ve even seen SLS’s posts and not one time has anyone told them to stop cussing. Either that someone who hates cussing flagged SLS’s post.

@Jeto Changing the category doesn’t solve the issue(s)
And definitely not my persistence…

Hi folks, ban reasons for the forum are shown on the user’s profile.

Most warnings aren’t given publicly, but rather privately.

If a warning or a ban is issued then the posts breaking the community guidelines are either edited or deleted.

I have deleted the reposting of the original offending post from this thread as it does breach the community guidelines.

The large majority of people leaving feedback have done so without having their posts moderated as they were following community guidelines.

It is ok to post criticism of the game and studio as long as the community guidelines aren’t breached.

The community guidelines are there to make the forum a safe place for all of our Gems of War community to participate regardless of their age or background.

We appreciate everyone who helps us maintain that environment.

I’m going to close this thread now as we don’t publicly discuss other user’s bans.

If you want to leave feedback to have the community guidelines changed to allow swearing you can do so but this is not something we intend to change.