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As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions

You are aware that you can read almost everything on the forums without logging in, correct? Just can’t post, comment or send messages without logging in.

Most likely he isn’t logging in to avoid being creeped on. Now you’re complaining because he can’t be creeped on?


To be honest, this thread can only serve as a “why you should quit this game” thread. What it aims to point out will not correct the undesirable behavior. I am now at 4 weeks gone from the game, but after watching a video from one of my favorite gaming-space content/news creators yesterday, this thread came to mind, and I thought I’d offer a little parting insight…

Look at what 505 is doing with their Control/Control Ultimate nextgen support. They are side-stepping the promise of backwards compatibility by making it so that anyone who supported the game up-front must now re-purchase the game to continue receiving support in the next generation of consoles.

No matter how much pointing out perceived wrongs this community does, the financing/driving force behind the game is greed incarnate, and you will not change that by pointing out flaws in the development team.


See you on the other side.


I wouldn’t say broader, but to a certain extent having the Head Developers showing up just a few times and for single posts/statements regarding some of the most pressing issues or player’s requests would be more than welcome in the OFFICIAL FORUMS for the game.

I know Salty gave us an explanation why Sirrian or Nimhain won’t be joining the discussions like they did in the past, but still this “ship” could benefit from the captains’ presense every now and then.


Monk class event: enjoy!
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Yao Guai, Diviner, Tuliao, insert yellow or green damage dealing weapon of your choice - solid team.
I’ve been using it in World Event. I like it with Trickster’s Shot if you have it. Diviner and Tuliao keep the team full on mana while Yao Guai and your Hero take care of the rest.

Plz don’t project onto Devs if you can’t think of a good team, maybe just ask for team advice next time. Always happy to share my builds.


Just a recommendation, you don’t really need Diviner. Once you fill once Tuliao, cast on one of her two main colors to keep the mana train rolling. (so… green if your team is Yao based).

been using Emerald Tear, Tuliao, A.Weaver, A.Weaver for funsies in the World Event and Arboreal Crystal, Tuliao, Yao, Yao for the class event with free sigils

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In line with the previously-documented tone by a company representative. :roll_eyes:

And possibly pertinent to existing claims of double standards, when similar observations by other customers do not receive a similar (arguably patronising) response as the above?

Back to the actual point of the observation: enjoy choosing among these 7 troops during the Monk class event!
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I love the reaction by an employee.

Its basically our fault that only 7 troops are allowed.

Not their fault for having other class/race with double and triple that amount.

I guess the idea is to just buy a bunch of 500xp tiers and not have to even play it. That is more in line with current “meta.”


Use your available time for fixing the translation mistake of the deep king and Mershark in the french version (and italian version as a player wrote in this thread that it had the same problem) that I alert you since June 2019 in place of sharing teams on a thread about devs inactions. You will do something useful, that is removing one of the many mistakes in this game.


Do you need for that to contact again the french translator or is it something that have to do with coders? I couldnt care less as I cannot contact neither of them. It is your problem, not mine. Just correct this mistake.


I am looking extremely forward to seeing all your pure Faction teams that can complete a delve at level 500 without the aid of potions nor a hoard over level 200.
It’ll truly be an enlightening experience for us all. :grinning:


Plz share Dark Pits and Fang Moor pure-faction teams for level 500!

edit: whoops, beaten to the punch by resident curmudgeon himself. SHAME.


If you’re thinking of doing class events you’re doing it wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


Speaking of class events… The event today has an amazing selection of troops…

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While you are technically correct (the best kind of correct), Sorcerer event really only needs 1 troop: 3x Wall of Tentacles & a good AOE hero weapon not blocked by green or purple. I went with Dawnbringer & Bard class, since so many talents are beneficial to the team.


We were told this:

We observe this:

So we asked Wheres the Epic vault keys ? And we were told this:

So further ‘anecdotal’ data was collected:

And an interesting relevant comment was made:

let’s put aside the question of why would they increase the rate of epic vault keys compared to the first vault weekend, if they were truly ‘dropping as intended’

In addition to the well-documented track record by the developer ref. ability to control its code and willingness to acknowledge & correct QA shortcomings, we now may be facing a scenario where a small, hand-picked segment of the playerbase (those currently in the beta programme) are given access to information that should arguably be equally accessible to all players (e.g. alleged increased rate of epic vault keys compared to the first vault weekend), even though customers in the Official Forums continuously asked for further clarifications on the observed inaccuracy of the ‘10%’ ratio of Epic Vault Keys.

Noteworthy potential favoritism, should the trend persist.
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I don’t appreciate the insinuation that beta testers get any sort of tangible benefit. But I begin to understand why Salty and Kafka no longer post in a casual manner here, when good-faith attempts at communication are twisted into accusations of malfeasance.


If any of the facts presented/quoted are inaccurate, do feel free to correct them. Alternative potential interpretations are also welcome.

When the devs’ professionalism in their forum interactions was recently brought to the foreground through recurrent incidents (ref. Kurandara in chests), instead of readjusting the level of professionalism (see 18d ago in this thread), they seemingly chose to primarily reduce the interactions to convey essential information.

Now we hear that some of this information (not beta-related) is disclosed only to some players: where is the misinterpretation?
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The danger here is that by avoiding the forums and drip feeding relevant info to the beta testers, the company PR (salty/kafka) are inadvertently (or God forbid, intentionally) creating a situation whereby the beta guys become seen as the only source of information, whether they have any info or not (they probably wont). This is extremely unprofessional no matter how you look at it but let’s face it, the actual game devs admit nothing in terms of errors and furnish their PR with some half baked ruse to try and convince players that “it’s not a bug”, and/or “its working as intended”. The truth is that their lack of admittance, eg “sorry guys we messed up so we are fixing a,b and c” makes the forums unpleasant for kafka and salty. They are being lied to just like the rest of us.


About the wrong 10% drop rate for EVK, here is how I see it:

They are playing the clock…new campaign is only in a few weeks and most of the players dont visit the forum so they just have to “play the dumb” with the forumers for a few more weeks writing “we checked the drop rate and all looks fine in our end” and other bs like that to then proudly put the EVK in the campaign 2 Elite pass (or elite +).

Wont be a prob for me as I wont buy any campaign pass anyway but I still hope to be wrong about that. Time will tell.


Unless and until Epic Vault key rewards are increased significantly, I kind of don’t care that I’ve never received one.

As it stands, it’s quite possible to get a reward from an Epic Vault key that’s worse than the haul from a regular Vault key, and that just seems nutty to me.

They should raise the minimum drop rates from the Epic Vault keys so that they are always better than the maximum drop from a regular Vault key. Otherwise, there’s no point in chasing them, or worrying about it.