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Vault Weekend data collection - for w/e 13 Sept

You know that much? Of course pet gnomes can drop vault keys, believe it or not.


Pet Gnomes can indeed drop vault keys. I also have received from them multiple times. Mostly during Vault events.

Anyway, this thread is going a bit off topic now. If anyone wants to create a new thread about whether Pet Gnomes can drop keys (which they blatantly can,) then feel free to do so :wink:

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All of the times that those pet gnomes dropped a vault key was when a pet was already active. By design, I’m 100% certain that if a pet isn’t active, they cannot drop a vault key, they will spawn a pet instead. Can you imagine the uproar if players were trying to get pets for their guild and instead got vault keys? pet gnomes are already rare as is, limited to PvP only.

I’m only trying to justify why the website doesn’t say that pet gnomes can drop vault keys.

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No. I have received a vault key from Pet Gnomes when a rescue wasn’t active multiple times and it also triggered a new pet rescue. You are wrong about this.


To all pet-gnomes-without-vault-key conspiracists - please, don’t dilute this topic. We have a very slim chance to convince devs that they messed up again (and it will probably take multiple gnome weekends) and we really need to stay on-topic for that.


For what it’s worth, the devs did look into the epic key drop rates, like Kafka said they would. Supposedly they also increased the rate of epic vault keys compared to the first vault weekend. (The beta testers mentioned the issue in the beta discord and got a response.)

I can absolutely understand if this is difficult to believe, given the numbers posted so far. But it is what was conveyed to the beta testers when we asked about it.


Fair enough. It’s never happened to me but I don’t do PvP that much. So the website is wrong. Okay.

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Big if true. Strange that this wasn’t announced (not doubting you). I’m concerned that they just changed a number in the code without fixing a larger coding issue, so the rate is still far below what’s intended.

This came up also. The forums can be, ah, somewhat adversarial to the devs. Especially over controversial things like this. If the early numbers didn’t suggest that the drop rate really was increased, the response would be somewhat emotional.

Last vault event the rate was not 10%. There is not even to debate about that. Players with 100 friends of gem hard core players in their friend list with only 1 of them that got the achievement for finding EVK… guilds collecting 400 VKs with only 2 of them being EVKs…
It require a total dumbness about numbers to still debate wether it was 10% or not. The 2 questions: 1) was it 0,5% or 1% on previous Vault event and 2) is it the same crap on this actual Vault event.

1: I dont know
2: probably


Well, I definitely agree with that decision, at least. Hard to defend the forums, even if people’s frustration is justified.

Just posting to show Glory gnomes also drop keys. So the website needs an edit.


Last vault event I found 55-60 vault keys… can’t remember the exact number and im too lazy to look through the forums to find it. Between then and when this event started I managed to find 8 more keys from gnomes. At this point of the event I have found another 34 Vault Keys not including the bonus keys. I have yet to find an EVK.

That’s close to 100 Vault Keys without an EVK. if it is truly 10% of vault keys I would be the unluckiest player to ever play the game I believe.

Do I care that I haven’t found one… Nope.

  1. The drops aren’t even that great. Why is a soul gnome in every EVK battle? shards are a crap resource that we can get tons of every week if we do the 3 daily’s and the tuesday event.
  2. I don’t play this game for the achievements so I don’t care that I have it unfinished.
    3.I’m not wasting my time because I go extremely hard every vault event because it’s great for overall resources even without keys…

But you should want your game to be working correctly for those players who do play for the achievements and don’t think vault key resources are garbage even with the recent bump.

I’m going to say I’m probably in the 1% of the top 1% of grinders for your game. I’ll end up this week with close to 30k trophies for the week with 18k of them coming over the 3 day event. If that’s not good enough to find 1 EVK during a vault event I think your coding is probably messed up even though someone wouldn’t like to admit it.

I’m sure you will figure it out at some point. I’ll give you my final data for keys and gnomes found tomorrow night.


What was the chances they only applied it to the test servers?

or were they being cheeky by adding an extra 0.01% chance to the original value?

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So on xbox the achievement tracker before this vault event was at 0.03% of players. After 2 days of the vault event it is now… 0.03%

Another thing, I can accept I’m just unlucky finding many vault keys with none of them being epic due to rng. But where are the “lucky” players who are getting above 10%? There should be several players out there with 4,5,6 or more EVK. Where are they? They don’t exist because the true droprate is only 1% or even less.
@Alpheon @Ozball I think it’s time someone like yourselves took a look at this matter for us please.


Day 2: 1400 trophies (690 battles) 61 gnomes. 5 Vault keys. 0 Epic keys.
2 day total: 2900 trophies, 1429 battles, 126 gnomes, 10 vault keys, 0 Epic keys.


Not sure how this thread got hijacked by discussions about Pet Gnomes, but it is actually very clear.

Soul Gnome

  • Drops Souls or Vault Keys with a higher chance of earning a Vault Key than a Pet Gnome

This is a comparative statement with the underlying starting point that BOTH Soul and Pet Gnomes drop vault keys. Open and shut case.

The fact that the FULL drop table for each gnome is not revealed is neither here nor there. We don’t see pet food mentioned anywhere. The blurbs for each simply highlight what each one does. The Pet Gnome’s primary purpose is pets, so that alone is enough in the early days without being completely legalistic.

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Here Is My Day One & Day Two Data.

Friday 11th September 2020 (Battles: 1640)
Pitty Vault Keys: 7
Found Vault Keys: 15
Epic Vault Keys: 0

Treasure Gnome: 74
Soul Gnome: 25
Jewel Gnome: 17
Mecha Gnome: 16
Glory Gnome: 20
Daemon Gnome: 10

Total Gnomes: 162

Saturday 12th September 2020 (Battles: 1579)
Pitty Vault Keys: 10
Found Vault Keys: 9
Epic Vault Keys: 0

Treasure Gnome: 58
Soul Gnome: 13
Jewel Gnome: 18
Mecha Gnome: 17
Glory Gnome: 11
Daemon Gnome: 11

Total Gnomes: 128

Feeling A Little Burnt Out Looking For This EVK Today lol


EDIT: Final cumulative results are posted below. Skip this post if you’re here collecting data.

Day 2 cumulative totals (includes Friday’s stats posted above):

Tracked gnomes: 271
Vault keys dropped: 22
Epic vault keys: 0

Plus another 46*3=138 treasure gnomes in vault battles that dropped no keys of any kind.

I’m starting to feel really stupid for playing this game. The worst part is knowing that even if the droprate is fixed, I’ll have to spend a third weekend grinding to get my one key/achievement. Please just give us one epic key as compensation; the rewards for it are garbage anyway, so it’s not asking for much.

Good luck to everyone else grinding and collecting data.


My gnome weekend is done. Total vault keys from gnomes, excl pity keys:
8 regular vault keys
1 epic vault key

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