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Army of Tyrants recruiting active players of all levels

We are a casual guild, currently ranked 216 on Xbox looking for a few active players of all levels to help us move forward. Whether you’re fairly new or looking to take a break from the rat race, we have a spot for you. Being active weekly is our only requirement. We don’t judge you if you miss a day or lose in guild wars, just that you participate and contribute what you can to the guild. We don’t complete all tasks either, but we have a bunch of heavy hitters, and maybe with your help, we can. “If everyone does a little, a lot gets done.”

include your invite code and make sure you are not in a guild so I can invite you. Have a great day!

Bumping this up

I am very new to the game (started about 10 days ago). I am definitely liking it. I am only mid 40s in level at the moment though but have been active each day so far.

If you are looking for more experience, totally understand. Otherwise, I can leave my current guild (random one…doesn’t appear too active) and join yours: ELODIN_H7WV

You can go ahead and leave your guild. I will send you an invite.

Still looking for 2 more. Active players of all levels welcome.

Bumping this up. We just booted 2 for zero activity. We are currently ranked 176 and climbing, looking for active players who participate and contribute weekly to help us move forward. If you’re a low to mid level player, we can help you. If you’re an end game player looking to take a step back, yet relish the challenge of bringing a lower guild to a higher level, PM me or post here with your invite code. Have a great day!