Armor Color Customiziation

I appreciate that we can now customize our Armor Appearances by separating the Headgear from the Armor gear. However, the sad fact is that each Armor Set comes with their own unique color shading that … well… it really looks horrible to match them outside of their own set.

Would it be possible to custom pick the color shading of those individual armor pieces as well?
IE. Turn Dragon Helmet deep blue so that it would match well with Death Knight Body Armor? … etc?

I think if you pay attention to the end-of-battle PvP screen, very rarely do you see out of match Armor set as well.


As a temporary fix, you can edit the files to get the desired effect. Unless they recently changed game policy, they do allow people to cosmetically edit their game if they wish.

Having an in game feature would definitely me great, same as more color options or simply just full color options. Many of the current colors don’t match the armor nor many of the base furs of many character types.