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Guild Shield Color Options

let me first start by saying the new guild shields are amazing!. i love how it appears nice and big when you enter the top level guild menu screen. really cool.

to make it even better it would be absolutely awesome if we could have full RGB gradient color control over the existing options. Please and thank you!

(i want to make a true BLACK Dragon, and not just a Grey… Dragon :D)


+1000 for this request

Support as well.

There will always be a colour someone wants that isnt included, so having a full gradient is the best way to cover all options.

If not possible, then please give us a full black, true black, emblem option :smiley:

I do die for a black armor as well. More black everywhere, please!!!


I will look into a darker black for you! :slight_smile: no promises but will try my best <3

I’d love to hear where there are any other colour gaps too please!


Thank you @Neffy !!

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Sorry I have been busy! here are two new colour selections that will be in a future update! A brighter background and darker foreground selections! I hope this helps your creativity with the shield!

Thanks for the feedback <3



does it come in vanta-black? :smiley:
thanks @Neffy this will get me closer to the true Black Dragon that we were looking for.

Unfortunately Vanta-black causes the game to collapse in on its self in a never ending loop of all consuming darkness