Guild Shield Emblem Color Changes (Fixed)

Guild Shield Emblem color is different the first time entering the guild screen every time the game starts.

Enter any guild menu screen and go back out, the emblem changes to its correct color

Verifying in the Admin menu the Emblem color is as it should be and was never been changed to a lighter color

This is been happening since 4.3 release or since i realized the darker color that was requested was added to the game and changed it. these 2 events happened around the same time.

in the Trophy League menu the color is correct.


Maybe someone was changing the color of the emblem testing the colors?

No, it’s definitely bugged. Happening to my guild, too, and l’m the only one with access to the shield.

I didn’t file a bug report because the effort to get screenshots for a visual issue just wasn’t worth it to me.


it happens every game reset, very repeatable. and i believe emblem changes appear in the admin log.
it might be something to do with the new dark black color :man_shrugging:i dont know…
everyone in the guild i have talked to is seeing it. the members with access to change it have not done so

It’s a bug. Seen it in my guild as well.

Same here, didn’t care enough to make a new report. The middle part of our shield is incorrectly shown in that same tan color initially, but after going into the Guild Menu and backing out, it’s drawn in the correct (yellow for us) color.

I too couldn’t be bothered making a bug report, but it is definitely a thing.

Hey, sorry for the delayed reply! I’ve made a bug report about this thanks!

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This has been resolved, please restart your game to prevent this from happening and get the fix. :slight_smile: