Sleeker Guild Shield Frame options

Hey :slightly_smiling_face:

This our guild(the GemMakin’BobsledTeam)'s shield:

Pretty funky, hey? :slightly_smiling_face:

To be honest, though, I’d like something other than the basic Frame design, without the (rivet?) holes - but as you can see, each new design only gets blockier, or bigger and gaudier - and that’s just not on-brand for us :stuck_out_tongue:. As such, I’d love some sleeker, high-end designs - I’m thinking smooth, flowing metal. An intertwining option would be nice, too!


Edit: I do remember this from the 4.2 Patch Notes -

I just hope some of those new parts/designs/methods include what I mentioned :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face:.


As a duly appointed representative of Ragnagord, I can promise you that these options are coming.

Devs, I need a favor. Ragnagord just promised a bunch of sleek shield designs. It wouldn’t seem right during the holidays for him to make a promise that didn’t come true. Help us out. Please!

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