Please add more Designs for the Guild Logo!

Today i was reworking the Design for our Guild Shield, which is displayed in the Leaderboards. It’s very limited in Icon Selection & Designs. Please add more Icons and maybe Patterns to the Guild Shield Customization. Could be Flags or Swords as well, Helmets, Weapons, Skulls, instead of a Shield. How much Effort would it be to give us more Selection customizing Unique Guild Banners? It’s not of Major Importance, i know but it would be an amazing Feature, since you Guys did so many Changes & Improvements on Gems, this hasn’t changed for Years. Do Players & Dev’s have Interest in this Feature?


@Wildball I would like it if they added more options of course. I also wouldn’t mind a in-game guild crest creation tool (some games I’ve played have used this). Or even just a option to upload a image to use as a guild crest. For both the creation tool or the upload image idea they can simply attach a report feature. For those that may try to do images that should not be allowed. If they do not like the creation tool idea, or upload your own, then they should increase the selection of guild crest options to around 100 images. Which gives us all more to pick from. As it stands its such a small number.


Thanx for the Reply. I don’t think they 'd add an Upload Feature but more Designs to chose from would give Guild Logos more Unique Character.

Yes this’d be nice as these haven’t had any upgrades since ever… and the team banners just got really nice new art upgrades…