Arena: why do heroes using the same weapon deal different damage

During the recent battles in the arena, I noticed that my hero with the burning scythe could only deal 8 damage, but the enemy hero leveling lower with this same weapon could do 12 damage. I wonder why.

This might to do with a bug where Hero Class Weapon bonuses currently apply to Heroes in Arena, when they shouldn’t. We should have a fix out for this shortly.

Glad to hear this. Not happy with the defeat 'cause the damage difference is too big.

Thank you! :heart_eyes:

also - although it says that difficulty does not affect the arena (or pvp) it does.

Well, on the difficulty setting page, it says " difficulty applies to Quests, Challenge, PvP, and Arena".

And the stats of the hero matter. You will have seen that some heroes have more armor and/or health and/or attack than you, similarly with magic which translates into the damage done by the weapon.
But it’s almost surely also the class weapon bug.

The Game also says on its PvP page that “PvP battles do not use the difficulty settings” . A bit confused.

This is in preparation for 2.0.0. It’s mainly confusing because it was intended to apply this patch, but something went wrong and it’s instead being delayed for when it’ll actually matter.

In the mean time, think of it as saying “PvP rewards do not use the difficulty settings”, which is true.

This was driving me crazy too but I finally found out what it is. You need to Max out your Kingdom (make sure the bonus mana color of your kingdom is red or purple) and Max out your Class. Then YOUR Burning Scythe will ALSO do 12 damage to each enemy.

kingdoms do not add anything to arena.

Very well then, nice to know.

@LightningStorm, thank you very much! That really works.

…with the exception that higher difficulty settings still raise the cap on souls per battle in PVP.

You are very welcome! I feel your pain, it was driving me nuts trying to figure why even LOWER levels had better stats than me. I typically just play this game to relax and chill and don’t bother coming to forums or reading patch notes, so I wasn’t fully in the loop on how the Classes and Kingdom upgrades worked until I applied them myself to see what happened. LOL

Apparently, I’m still not fully in the loop as I’m told Maxing your Kingdom doesn’t work in the Arena. But I did it anyway and I’m doing MUCH better now. :wink:

Yep but on the pvp screen it says it does not.

@Nimhain -

pvp is showing difficulty doesnt apply (typo).

maybe got a better team this time around?

I’m using a sorcerer and so purple is my color. i have every kingdom maxed at 10 but no 5 star kingdoms yet.
With the burning sands (a purple weapon) in pvp and challenges on normal my stats are 30 armor, 37 health, 14 attack, 17 magic.
in arena they are 13 armor, 18 health, 8 attack, and 11 magic. (i just tested it)

Better team does make a huge difference. But the problem I’m referring to was that my Hero Weapon was WAY weaker than ALL of my opponents in the Arena specifically.

This was before I upgraded my Kingdom and my Class. However, now that I have them upgraded my weapon is doing the same damage (12 to ALL enemies) so I actually stand a chance no matter what my team is as long as I can get red to charge Summer’s Fury.

The Arena is still much more challenging to me than it used to be, but at least I stand a chance now.