Burning Scythe is too powerful in Arena

Everyone just use Burning Scythe in Arena because it can BURN, deal damage to ALL ENEMIES, and Sorcerer can give you at least 5+2 magic when using purple weapon.

I just feel terrible if enemy gets full mana to use Burning Scythe before you can use it.:expressionless:

Uhm… less QQ more Pew Pew?

Heh, I’m enjoying that phrase a little too much lately.
But seriously… leave my Burning Scythe alone! :sweat:


Leave it alone. :disappointed_relieved:


The issue is not burning scythe or staff of madness or crescendo, the magic skill is just too high.
Attack is scaled down in arena, but I don’t think magic is. Got one person who wiped me out (whole team but hero) with 2 crescendo and lucky drop

Add morthani scythe to the list of overpowered weapons currently in the arena.

No, to all of the above! :grinning:

Continuing the discussion from 1.0.9 - Known Issues:

Not in Arena, it doesn’t. +5 from the class weapon bonus, yes. +2 from the perk, nope.

Indeed. ^^


Last but not least:

Not exactly. The sudden boost to Magic for some weapons is simply from what I explained in the linked thread:

I would of course encourage you guys to read the rest of my essay and eventual acceptance of this new phase in the Arena in the other thread. But if tl;dr, I’ll just leave you with this:


I personally don’t feel Hero Class magic bonuses should apply in arena. Though that’s just my personal opinion.

I do enjoy blazing through opponents with two charges of a weapon, don’t get me wrong! But still, it doesn’t feel intended.


Alright, looks like this is just something that the devs didn’t notice so far.

Enjoy it while it last, I guess (or dread it, whichever the case might be for each of us). ^^

Continuing the discussion from 1.0.9 - Known Issues:

What about Land Shark? Is a turn #2 devour something we want in this format?

It’s a suboptimal card with a 25% chance of a derp lottery, and people draft it for that reason.

As for weapons being powerful, I dont hate it, but it is going to form a meta. People forget that it’s part of Arena. We now have 4 areas that give magic bonuses when it used to ne 1. No-one remembers that, as Arena was nerfed to the point of pointless in 1.0.8.


  • 25% Chance Devour
  • 9 Base Attack


  • Targets Randomly
  • Minor Damage
  • Sacrifices Turn
  • 12 Mana

No, I think it’s fine. If you’re really afraid of it, just deny mana, same way you would a pesky Rock Worm.

Where/how does one get this Burning Scythe? Not seeing mention of it anywhere.

Hey! :slight_smile: You need 40 Gem mastery in Red and Purple for the Burning Scythe.

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burn is really powerfull now that it can actualy kills, i’ve had an arena game where i literaly died after 3 cast of chimera

On the topic of weapons that make arena really miserable: Yasmine’s Chalice. It was pretty bad before but it’s ridiculous now.

All allies get 5 life and 5 armor with each cast–that’s +40 health to chew through.


Last time I fought it open world provided +16/+16 a shot and had color feeders. Think I used the alt-f4 magic after a few turns.

shoot im loving the burning scythe, it makes running through the arena fairly fast esp if your lucky enough to get a color pumper like giant spider :smiley:

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Couldn’t we just have the shortcut? Enter arena, show up the scythe, get the 8 vic reward instantly. Why bother with the stuff in between?

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well im currently greedy ok, here i’ll be honest. If i can run through the arena twice in a short amount of time, why not do it esp with the double gold weekend, and 2 more magic kingdoms to level to 10.

It always did that though, and it never was a problem just as other weapons did about the same damage as a regular burning scythe, albeit less efficient, and they never dominated the arena.

It really just is the unintended class bonus to hero’s magic in arena that is the problem.

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i just had a fight where the opponent hero had 11 magic and the chalice so every cast he gave 11 health and 11 armor to all of his unit, 3 cast and everyone had triple the amount of health they had from the start

so yeah, i’m not sure having class bonus apply to the arena is a good idea