Are these cards/characters in the game Playing on X1

If you filter by show all they show up but can’t seam to get any. Are they really in this current version for X1

Don’t have 1 of


Anywhere from 11 to 27 of other commons


Soothsayer ( want for a team)
Anywhere from 5 to 10 of other rares

Kingdoms not yet available on XB1/PS4:

Grosh-Nak, home to the Orc race.
Wild Plains, land of the Minotaur race.
Darkstone, island of the corrupted and abused.

These equal up to 21 troops altogether. (Not including unreleased event troops.)

Consoles still have a ways to go before they’re all caught up. Think of it as stuff to look forward to. :smiley:

Ok, so they are not obtainable with keys yet? What ise throwing me off is the fact that you can see them within the game.

Is there some kind of listing of troops and availability and such. Do you know all 21 troops?

This is an imperfect method, but in-game you can filter troops by kingdom. The filter doesn’t list the kingdoms we don’t have yet, so if the troops you are interested in aren’t in any of those lists, then you can presume we don’t have them yet.

Head on over to the (troop list)[Game Guide – Troop List – Gems of War], press Ctrl+F, and type in any of the mentioned kingdoms.

Wild Plains

Any troops found via this method are presently as unobtainable as the kingdoms themselves. Once the kingdom’s available, so too will the related troops be.

How were these kingdoms introduced to the PC/Mobile version

They were just added via an update.

As it is we’re still waiting for another 10 or so kingdoms to be added on PC/Mobile, but those aren’t ready to be released yet, so they will come in time.

So they were not part of a major update?

Nope. In fact, Darkstone (the newest kingdom) was added in the week before 1.0.8 came out.

How about Primal? I see it when searching troops by area, but don’t recall ever seeing anything on it? Don’t even recall hearing it mentioned. Just wondering, thanks.

Primal is the Imp kingdom, it doesn’t have a physical presence on the map (currently). So if you have gotten Summer Imp (which I believe console players have mentioned being in an event recently?), then you have the primal kingdom there.

Oh, ok. So it’s related to the Imps then. Good to know. But sadly no, I do not have any of them. From reading post here, believe the last one was offered just prior to my starting playing GoW, so hopefully they will be offered again sometime later? Unless they will offered in chest at some point.


Similar q so ill ask it here, but do note im on PS4, i see some cards in the ‘show all’ section of troops but their locations arent available yet (sunweaver for instance, thats a card i BADLY want) so can i get them yet via keys or are they only aesthetically in that troop list so far?

You can’t obtain them at this time, if their kingdom isn’t available. Look to the future.

What about the Crimson Bat , is it possible to get that troop? Never seen anyone use the Crimson Bat.

Crimson Bat was around when they game first launched so it should be in the console versions.

I’m pretty sure I’ve fought people using the crimson bat a couple times. (PS4)

Same here for XB1. Seen him a few times.