CONSOLE: The Odd Couple

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They’ll never Orc alone.
(Actually it’s more like the Odd Triple! Orc Veteran, Drake AND Bone Daemon, all in one event!)

New Troop: Orc Veteran

A veteran of a lifetime filled with battles, any Orc who lives long enough to turn gray is truly a force to be reckoned with!
Generally, Orc Veterans have pilfered better armor and weapons than their less experienced brethren, and they also paint special symbols on their faces and bodies to denote their status.

New Troops in Chests: Drake and Bone Daemon

These new troops (part of the Grosh-Nak Kingdom Rework see below) can now be found in chests.

Drake: Gold & Glory Chests, and also as an event and glory troop.
Bone Daemon: Glory & Gem Chests (and in limited numbers in Event Chests)

Please note this Event only applies to the PS4 and XBox One versions of the game.

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Ok i won that one!


Is it just me, or are they catching up?


I was gemming

@Sirrian Just curious how this ‘limited numbers’ thing works? Edit: This has been explained thanks to Ozball now :smile:


The rare Graeme sighting.

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Is that Beast Arcane?

Yes beast.
Another week to save more glory.

My understanding of this (from the PC event) is that because Bone Daemon is from Blighted Lands and not Grosh’Nak, and it being a Grosh’Nak week, you will mostly get Grosh’Nak troops from Event Keys. However there is a small chance to get non-Grosh’Nak troops (as they always is), so it is technically possible to pull Bone Daemon from Event Chests this week, just not very likely.


Is there ever any talk about Fixing the event chests to only drop the kingdoms troops?? I understand there reason when kingdoms had very few troops but that excuse is getting very old now.

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Not that I’m aware of, but if they did, then you’d probably end up with more URs from the kingdom than you do now. Since I doubt they would change the drop rate of the individual rarities.

Guess I’m gonna keep hoarding event keys now. Buck me, just give me a kingdom I can feel half-tempted to use them on.

I actually need Beast arcanes so I will grab a hand full or two! :slight_smile:

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Ah yeah thanks. That would explain it. I forgot Bone Daemon wasn’t Grosh’Nak for some reason. The ‘Daemon’ thing should have made me realise. It was late lol.

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Is Bone daemon really in chests??? Many Glory and Gems chest opened and still nothing! Another member of my guild have same prob. Strange for a Blue rarity troop.



Not for me, good sir. Ketras will be traited this week, oh yes.

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I’ve opened hundreds of gem/glory chest and no Bone Demon. Starting to think the devs messed up on this one.


1000 glory keys, no bone demon.


I only opened about 500 gold chests, but no Drake pulled. Based on that and the other reports above, I don’t think they updated their lists for Bone Daemon and Drake.

@Saltypatra, @Alpheon, @GoldPhoenix0

Edit: Sorry - didn’t see that Truxton had already pinged Salty…

The ONLY reason I opened any chests at all was to try and get this blue rarity troop. Seeing as it’s a summoned troop I wanted to trait him. 1500 glory keys gone and 50 gem keys. If he is indeed in chests and someone has actually pulled him I am happy to submit to unlucky RNG, it’s just part of the game. But if I had 0% chance (which seems to be the case) of getting him that’s a different story.

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